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Apr 22

Xenical / Orlistat / diet pills – Weightloss – Video #2 of 4

{“en-GB”:”[music]. This is video two on Orlistat it has been 9 days since my last video. I weighed myself this morning. I have messed up over this week. I have had 5 takeaways I shouldn’t have had. I forgot to take Orlistat for 2 days because I had family staying and plus I didn’t walk for 3 miles for those 2 days. So I thought I might have put on weight but I have actually lost kgs. As you can see from my Fitbit weighting scale measurements. I have noticed that my stomach feels looser as opposed to looking so tight and bloated. The only other thing I have noticed is that my trousers fall down when I go up the stairs [giggle] which is a bit inconvenient but good because I am losing the weight so I am hoping for week 3 that I will stick to the 3 miles a day more than ridgely maybe even increase my exercise and obviously not forget the Orlistat. Yeah, I am going to be just more focused this week going forward. Thanks for watching please like subscribe if you want to hear see more videos on my progress with Orlistat.

Oh I would also like to add I have noticed one more side effect which is quite an increase in flatuance. I am sure it says it in the leaflet about that anyway but obviously I just wanted to let you know [giggle]. Thank you.. “}

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