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Apr 23

Bernstein’s Diet Pills [SFM]

{“en”:”I look good. Why? BECAUSE I WAS FAT, I WAS FAT! I took Bernstein’su2122 Hey! I’m Alex Bernstein. And you wanna lose weight. Why? Because you’re FAT. I don’t know about you. But before i lost weight, Every morning when i got up, My first thoughts, were “MAN.” “I AM SO” “FAT” I’ll tell you something right now. I never, wanna feel that feeling again. WOAH Sure. You can lose the weight with other diet pills. But can you lose the fat? Can you get motivated? And can you get AWESOME!? But i’ll tell you something. I wasn’t always this fit. No. With that extra little push. That extra little nudge. Question. After losing 235 lbs, do you know what i like to call Bernstein’s diet pillsu2122? “BURN, THE FAT, STEINS” Bernstein’s Diet Pillsu2122. “}

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