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Apr 15

Before and after my Weight loss – Ideal Weight UK

{“en”:”My name’s Laura and I’ve lost 5 stone, no I haven’t! I’m on my fifth stone! My name’s Laura and I have lost 4 stone on the Ideal Weight programme. For me, the difference between Ideal Weight and other weight loss programme’s that I have been on, i’d say I have a 15 year career in losing weight, is that this really teaches you the skills to handle life whilst losing weight, rather than life being on hold whilst you sort your weight out and then you get on with life.

So for me this journey has been almost about self discovery, challenge, really increasing my self awareness. I think i though i was too intelligent to be an emotional eater but actually what the sessions get you to look at in a very supportive way is why am I choosing to consume food and what are the reasons that lie behind that.I’d say one of the things that I have found doable in a very busy life, this year I became a single parent which wasn’t really on the plan but despite all of that I am thrilled in terms of the way my weight loss has gone so far. I think one of the things that has meant that I’ve been able to get on with it and achieve so much is it’s a framework rather than a regime. So what that means is that when you’ve had a particularly tough day, rather than thinking well if I have something now and that’s it’s, it’s all over and I’ll start again in January, you’ve actually got enough stretch within the framework, enough skills and as part of the tool kit to be able to handle some of the challenges which means you’re not using food, I wasn’t using food to then get through a day.

So it’s been really great fun, you do a lot of exploration on the coaching sessions and they have been skills for life. So I’m now 4 stone lighter, it means I can walk into any high street shop and I know that I’m going to get something that not only I know that fits, but actually I can buy something I like or look great in, It’s fantastic to sit in the car seat and have to adjust your rear view mirror down because your 2 inches lower in your car seat and it’s every time you sit in your chair you realise just how much further you have to drop because you’re slimmer and every single morning when I open up the wardrobe it’s now deciding what would I like to wear rather than I’d better go to the black stuff at the back as that’s the stuff that fits.

So the thing about gaining weight you know whether you’ve gained weight slow and steady or for whatever the reason is, mine was because I’d had a baby and then just got into eating cake and one of the things is that really gets you down when you are big, when you are over weight is you know, you’ve got a night out planned and you’re thinking well I wonder what i’ll fit into and then suddenly, 4 stone lighter, on my way to losing my 5th, and you think what night can i go out to wear this new dress I just bought so it’s completely flipped the way that I view life it’s now an opportunity to go out and feel great rather than have how can i minimise how I feel on a night out.. “}

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Jan 07

Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Review

{“en”:”- What’s up y’all this is Fuad, AKA Abnormal Fitness, coming to you from the beautiful mountains of sunny California. And today I just wanted to shoot a quick video on Garcinia Cambogia. I know you’ve heard of it. If you haven’t, I don’t know where you been. It’s the number one selling supplement…ever, like ever. And it has to be this way for a reason. If you don’t know about me, I’m really into fitness. I have a fitness blog and I stay in shape no matter where I’m at. I am traveling year-round so it’s a little hard for me at times to stay consistent with my diet, my exercising, so I just make the most of what I can. And I know I needed a little bit of help, that’s why I was searching for this supplement.

And the really big thing is, with anybody, if you are trying to lose weight, gain weight…it doesn’t matter, nutrition. Nutrition is very key and when you’re traveling you don’t really know where to go to eat, maybe you’re in a foreign country and you have no idea what you’re ordering. And one thing that I just wanted to really help me out was like…I just wanted to keep my midsection, like, clean y’know? I just wanted to stay really lean and with Garcinia Cambogia it’s done that for me. I’ve only taken it for about a month or two now but I’ve really seen the results, like, I would have thought, maybe it would just keep me where I’m at, y’know? But, I feel like I’ve got more ripped, like people tell me like, “Yo, you look good, you look good.” Like even the people traveling with tell me that like, I look even better before I did when I started taking the pill. And, as I’ve said, when I was researching for this I wanted to find the best product. Like the best. Like based on reviews, results, I wanted to see everything.

And what I came up with was Garcinia Fast. The one great thing that I notice about it, it’s all natural. And with being the number one product, fat burning supplement out there, there’s many variations, many different websites, many people you can go to…but, let me tell you, they’re not all created equally. And when I came across Garcinia Fast, the first thing I noticed was the 60% HCA and that’s the active ingredient that makes all the fat go away pretty much, I won’t get too much into it scientifically. And the other great was that I emailed them, just to make sure, like I wasn’t gunna get ripped off, they were gunna give me my stuff on time; and the customer service was great. There’s a money back guarantee, so there’s really no risk to it when you’ve gone for Garcinia Fast.

And what’s even better about Garcinia Fast, that I wasn’t even really looking for but, I’ll take it: free shipping. You get free shipping with every single order. It doesn’t matter if you order one bottle or you order the five bundle, which is way cheaper, which is what I did because I’m like, “Hey, if I’m gunna use it, I might as well get it at the cheapest price and have the inventory for awhile, y’know?” And, even on top of that free shipping, they give you a free ebook. And I use this around the world because you can get fruits and vegetables no matter where your at. And you can take these juice recipes and other recipes they have and just supplement into your main diet.

I know it just wasn’t going to be the magic pill that was gonna just burn fat off me, like me sitting on a couch just popping a pill. I know that I have to eat right, work out and supplement. And when you add all three in there’s no way you will not get the results you want. But I’m telling you, with this supplement, it has really helped me because I don’t always have the time to eat right.

Sometimes I do like to eat pizza and ice cream and whatever tastes really good. All right. So, when I finally made the decision to buy this product, I knew it was going to be an investment. And this investment so far, I can tell you, has really paid off. Cause I know there are three things that are gunna really transform your body. And that is nutrition, working out, and supplementation. And I like to do all three. If you don’t know already, you can follow me on my fitness blogs, my Instagram, Facebook, whatever. I like to post videos of how people can work out where they’re anywhere, at any time in the world. And with this product, I can say it really has helped me, it really has.

And what’cha need to do now to get this product, or at least just look at the information: click the link below. Let me know how it’s worked out for you. Leave some comments down there, cause I wanna know if this stuff is really work for you the same way it work for me. You can follow me at abnormal_fitness on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is Fuad signing out from sunny California. Peace.. “}

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