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Apr 21

The #1 Weight Loss Method: Calorie Counting? – BEXLIFE

{“en”:”Michael: What I would try to do is get people to associate weight loss with health. Rebekah: Youu2019re just getting way too radical. Thatu2019s too much. Weight loss and health? Michael: Associated with health. Yeah, theyu2019re not really connected, are they? Rebekah: We just shot two videos on the 80/10/10 diet. We talked a lot about veganism in these videos. The first was, are people meant to be vegan, which I think that people are going to be surprised by your answer. Michael: Yeah, which is, no. But I would love to see everybody be vegan.

Rebekah: What? Spoiler! Watch the video anyway. You just ruined u2013 now, no one is going to go over. No, now they will, coming from a 20-year vegan. But this one, we touched on in the podcast that we did for you and the short excerpt that we did for my channel a few weeks back or several weeks back now about calories in/calories and the true formula for weight loss because a lot of people are coming to me for weight loss. They want to know and they want quick weight loss, they want weight loss that lasts though. And I keep getting this comment that it really just comes down to calories in and calories out. And I want to talk too about why thatu2019s a problematic statement. Rebekah: It could be defined as a lot of things. I mean we talked about like whatu2019s the definition of vegan? Whatu2019s the definition of 80/10/10? What are the things involved? What is the source of calories that are coming in? Itu2019s the problem.

Iu2019ve seen a lot of people really frustrated and struggled trying to exercise their way out of a bad diet. I mean to some degree it works because you create such a demand on your body that it will start to burn fatty tissue and things like that. It will use calories. But itu2019s not only that u2013 I like to think of it as like nutrients in, nutrients in like thatu2019s the way people should be thinking. You should be trying to get nutrients from your food and not be eating foods that are so hollow in nutrients but excess in calories that itu2019s storing itself all over your body because it canu2019t be eliminated and that you need to then power walk through the park to try to like count your calories out. A Twinkie is going to be a certain amount of calories and itu2019s going to clog up your intestines and leave streaks of crap all over the place.

You canu2019t exercise your way out of that. Weight loss for me, what I would try to do is get people to associate weight loss with health. Weight loss can be achieved in many different ways. Rebekah: OK. Youu2019re just getting way too radical. Thatu2019s too much. Weight loss and health? Michael: Associated with health. Yeah, theyu2019re not really connected, are they? People would come in u2013 like I would try to explain to some people that would ask me like what I do and how I do it and I would say, the person thatu2019s trying to work through some serious disease and getting into diet and fitness and cleansing, colonics, and so on, all these things, is the same concept as the person thatu2019s trying to lose weight to look good in a bikini.

Weu2019re working on the same principles. And whatu2019s the nature of the calories? Thatu2019s the question. There are people that u2013 I mean age sets in. I gained like 15 pounds within three weeks of my 38th birthday. I just started to gain weight and I was like, u201cOh well, thatu2019s interesting.u201d Rebekah: Do you believe that though? Do you think that age is a contributing factor to weight gain or how easily you gain weight? Michael: It depends on whatu2019s u2013 yeah, especially when people are not being active though. I lost all that weight, not intentionally but because I just u2026 Rebekah: I think thatu2019s a big asterisk especially when people are not being active. Michael: Well, listen. When somebody is 45 and theyu2019re not being active, they can start to gain weight from eating the same foods that theyu2019ve been eating in the last 20 years. Yeah, your metabolism slows down a bit. You can rev it up though. Rebekah: See, I put that statement in the same category as Iu2019ve had a bunch of babies so itu2019s harder for me to lose weight or like stuff like that.

Please, no hate comments about that statement. Michael: I have an interesting relationship to weight when it comes to women because womenu2019s bodies are different than men and there are hormones in play and thereu2019s fat needed for these hormones. And sometimes the idea of what we want and what our body really does to create balance, they are not in alignment and it turns into just desire and a mental game. Rebekah: Thatu2019s an interesting statement, what we want and what out body needs are u2013 can be very different things oftentimes especially being a woman because I donu2019t want to gain 40 pounds during my pregnancy but itu2019s probably what I need to. Michael: Yeah, itu2019s probably what needs to happen. I remember I had a thought. I was working with some women. They were u2013 I mean this all comes down to aesthetics. They were fine like they looked great. They were fine. But they had this vision of what they needed to u2013 how much weight they needed to lose and what they needed to look like.

And at first, I was working on them u2013 working with them with weight loss stuff. And then I thought to myself, I thought, u201cWhy am I going to take part in this war, their personal war against the innate wisdom of their own body?u201d Like Iu2019m not doing that anymore. It just doesnu2019t make sense. And I know they want to look a certain way but thatu2019s not how Iu2019m going to serve anybody, helping somebody lose weight that way. Rebekah: Getting back to the calories in/calories out then, if you deprive yourself of calories and you overwork yourself with exercise, you will lose weight.

The main problem is fill in the blank. Michael: Itu2019s a source of what the calories are. I mean somebody could eat protein and greens and exercise a lot and be very lean and it could be a very healthy thing. It could be fine. But the idea of like I have to exercise my calories off, generally means that somebody is not taking in calories that are nutrient-dense and calories that leave their body very easily.

You could eat a lot of calories u2013 youu2019re not going to get fat from eating sweet potatoes. Youu2019re not. You eat bacon cheeseburgers and youu2019re going to feel like you have to go to the gym because itu2019s going to sit in your gut and itu2019s going to line your arteries and itu2019s going start to store itself around your waist and youu2019re going to be like, u201cOh shit! I need to rev up my system now.u201d Rebekah: Have you ever calculated how many calories you eat on an average day? Michael: No, never. I eat what I need when I need it. And Iu2019ll know whatu2019s happening. If I eat late at night and I start to gain weight and whatever and I go, oh yeah. And usually, itu2019s parallel with not feeling great like if Iu2019ve been working too much and eating too late at night or whatever and I go, u201cYeah, this isnu2019t serving me.u201d So then I just adapt to it. But no, I donu2019t ever try to like count calories. Rebekah: I have. Iu2019ve never calculated my activity calories as much but I did it for a very short amount of time.

Itu2019s just too u2013 I mean itu2019s sketchy even with the caloric values of foods because they can be way off especially when youu2019re talking about packaged foods. But Iu2019m often in excess of 3,500 calories. Michael: This idea u2013 I was just thinking about the psychology behind this idea calories in/calories out, it creates this relationship towards what youu2019re eating as something that you really need to work toward to eliminate, almost like as if itu2019s a bad thing, almost as if your food is not serving you if you have to worry about doing that.

Like why are you worried about your food? Nobody does that. Indigenous people donu2019t do that. They just live their lives and eat and theyu2019re happy and theyu2019re fine. Nobody is like u2013 itu2019s this weird psychology. Itu2019s like if I eat this then I have to think about this and now I have to work out really hard to get calories in/calories out. And itu2019s like, what is that? What is that weird relationship? Rebekah: I mean Iu2019ve told people to keep a food diary not for the purposes of knowing how many calories theyu2019re getting and how many theyu2019re working off. Itu2019s just to have an understanding of what theyu2019re actually eating because I think people donu2019t u2013 they donu2019t know u2013 they donu2019t realize what theyu2019re putting inside their mouths during the day especially with snacking. Thatu2019s a huge problem. But I donu2019t think that weighing yourself or counting calories ever serves you even in the short term, even if youu2019re getting results from it. I think that it messes with your psychology and it places u2013 it puts you in this weird relationship, this weird battle with food and the way that you move.

Itu2019s just nothing good can come of it. It doesnu2019t form good habits. So, donu2019t do that from the very beginning. Donu2019t do that from the very beginning. No counting of any of those things. I got on the scale yesterday just because I was curious how much weight I gained during pregnancy because someone asked me in the comments of my video. I was like, u201cYou know what? Iu2019m going to figure u2013 Iu2019m going to see.u201d And now I know. Michael: Yeah. I think people should look at values. People should look at values when they have health concerns. Other than that, live your life and have fun and donu2019t be like trying to take a quarter of an inch off of your knee because itu2019s ridiculous.

Rebekah: I did look at my knee fat the other day though. I bent over only because they are getting older like my legs u2013 I think women have different things that age faster like the neck, the hands, the knees, these are like the first things to go in a woman. So, I bent over and I was flexing my quadriceps and I was u2013 this is so ridiculous. I canu2019t even believe Iu2019m admitting this on video. But I was like, u201cMy knees have gotten a little bit chubby and a little bit older looking. I got to cover those up.u201d Iu2019ll wear bikini and knee pads.

Michael: People are going to take this the wrong way. I understand that like I get that part of it. Like I get the u2013 of course, we all have a little bit of vanity because we want to look good and we want to feel sexy. We want u2013 so of course, we want to look good. Iu2019m not saying everybody should just like effort and not worry about their bodies. I mean body sculpting is cool. Itu2019s fitness. Itu2019s like I get like the goal setting and stuff like that.

Itu2019s just the u2013 Iu2019ve encountered a bit of the obsessive part of it that thatu2019s where I get turned off and I go, u201cYou guys need to be approaching your diets differently.u201d Like these clients that come in and ask for that kind of thing, Iu2019m like diets just need to serve you. Rebekah: It was like a curiosity like I looked at it and I was like, u201cHuh!u201d And then it was a little bit shocking. Itu2019s an interesting thing to see your body age especially when you feel a certain way like I feel 25. Iu2019ll probably always feel 25.

I donu2019t feel u2013 I mean physically, I feel that way. Mentally u2013 so to see things happening and itu2019s like whatu2019s up with that? Itu2019s like almost like your body is betraying you. It feels so strange. Anyway u2026 Michael: Our bodies are like the best puppies in the world. Theyu2019re such our best friend. They always try to bring us to balance. They always do what they need to do. Rebekah: Let me tell you. Have five kids and youu2019ll see. My body is mad at me. Michael: It is, huh? Well, you treat it very well. Rebekah: I try to. So, we are nixing u2013 we are saying no to calories in/calories out. Itu2019s a thing but itu2019s not a good thing. Michael: Yeah. And I think itu2019s a bad concept. I think it creates a negative relationship to the food weu2019re eating.

The fact that we think that we need to like somehow work it off. And I think if weu2019re eating high quality nutrient-dense food thatu2019s serving us, our body will find its natural weight and that we need to body sculpt in those weight just on our level of exercise. I mean if we want to be like u2013 if we want to hit it hard at the gym, thatu2019s awesome. But worrying about the types of food you eat, calories in/calories out, usually suggest that weu2019re eating something thatu2019s not serving our bodies.

Rebekah: Yeah, itu2019s hyper simplistic and itu2019s not addressing health holistically. Itu2019s just looking at something thatu2019s so simple and has nothing to do with nutrition, has nothing to do with all our other systems. So u2026 Michael: Iu2019ve seen that struggle. People trying to exercise their way out of a bad diet plateauing all the time, itu2019s just like Iu2019ve seen that struggle. Keep eating food thatu2019s making you fat then trying to stay ahead of it with exercise, life takes over.

Youu2019re going to miss some days at the gym. Youu2019re going to get older. Itu2019s going to catch up. Better to eat nutrient-dense food and let it serve you to the end. Rebekah: Which reminds me, I have to cancel my gym membership that Iu2019ve been paying for, for about 12 months and I have not gone. So, leave u2013 I want everyone, my people or your people, whoever is watching this video to leave comments below on that. They can tell my why itu2019s still calories in/calories out because I will get people who will say that. But yeah. Michael: Well, let them say it. Rebekah: We have lots more where this came from including topics on veganism, health, and even recipes that you are surely going to love. So make sure that you sign up for my newsletter at by clicking on your screen or by following the links in the video description. And also, be sure to go over to and find my friend, Mike Perrine, and say hello. I will see you soon in another exclusive BexLife video. Love you!”}

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Apr 12

Medi-Weightloss – Hydration and Weight Loss – Lose Weight with Tips From Dr. Shah

{“en”:”Fluid intake is a critical part of the Medi-Weightloss program. Drinking more water will help control appetite, maintain bowl function, prevent lethargy, keep your skin glowing and aid in detoxification. Remember to drink at least 64 to 128 oz of water or 0 calorie fluids every day. We recommend that about 16 oz of your daily fluid intake come from a 0 calorie beverage that contains electrolytes, such as Smart Water, or Power Aid Zero.. “}

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Apr 08

Slim Spray Weight Loss – Slim Spray Review – Marz Slim Spray Reviews – Slim Spray Diet

{“en”:”Say hello to Marz Sprays and slim spray the revolutionary new development from the Leading innovators in oral spray slim spray was specially formulated with weight loss patients to help group food cravings and reduced appetite Eliminate the pain and hassle of trying to swallow annoying pills. No more useless powders and shakes. Marz Spray advanced ingestion sprays have been formulated to work faster than similar pills and capsule Oral sprays quickly enters the body allowing you to use less and save more. Stay healthy spray healthy.. “}

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Apr 01

Asian Diet Secrets Part 1 ♥ Wengie ♥ Diet Plan ♥ Lose Weight ♥ Diet Tips and Nutrition

{“en”:”Hi everyone this Wengie here, Welcome to third part of my diet tip series, this week I’m gonna be going through something that I find really really interesting and that is the Diets Secrets of Asia, Japanese women in particular are very well known for their diets to keep them slim, I think there was a book written about it, about Japanese diets tips and tricks, in countries like Japan is incredibly important to stay slim, companies actually have policies where they will measure your waistline every year and if you are over a certain healthy waistline they actually put you on a sort of probation program and I guess help you get your diet on track, and find out why you are going..

becoming like overweight, I guess is a way for the government to combat like higher health cost later on, from obesity, I notice every time I go back to Japan especially when I went in University, everyone was so slim, I don’t think I saw a single overweight person like on the train, there was like none, I was so surprised, like, I was like, where.. what.., like how can everyone just be like really really skinny, and I think the women are not afraid to tell each other when they are overweight, like I know here, it’s  kinda like if someone is a bit overweight, you don’t want to be rude and you don’t want to tell them, hey you are overweight, but apparently in Japan, they just go you are overweight do something about it, so I think they are very open there and the culture is very different, but I realized like..

Recently going back to japan, I go almost every year, I love that place, but I found that there are a few more overweight people in Japan, probably because I guess the food is becoming more processed more westernized, there is a lot more fast food, I think people are going away from their traditional diets and culture, which keep them quite slim, what I just told you about Japan, it’s  sort of my experience on what I saw when I was there, my best friend is also Japanese and she is very very slim and naturally so, I think she was just brought up in a way in a culture, that sort of promoted, healthy eating habits and not overeating, and I guess just emphasize in being slim, so today I’m gonna be sharing with you, 10 things that Asians do that keep them slim, so the first tip is to drink green tea and just tea in general, there are so many benefits that green tea have, beyond just losing weight, I mean is just full of antioxidants, it increases your metabolism, a faster metabolism allows you to burn more calories, and keeps..

I guess is just like keeping your engine running efficiently, drinking green tea can actually burn an extra 70 to 80 calories per day, and not only that, it can help keep you young, because it has a lot of antioxidants that you know keep the wrinkles from coming, you can get green tea in a variety of forms as well, like you can get it in a tea bag, tea leaves or um..

I got this really cool green tea from the market, is called the jasmine pearl green tea, smells really nice, there is all different kinds of green tea, they come in little balls it’s  so cute and just put it in a tea pot and drink it, so the best water temperature to actually.. for pearl green tea is, I think is about 98 degrees, so don’t just put straight boiling water in it, just let cool down for like a minute or two before you pour it into your tea leaves or tea bag, there are other types of tea that are really good for you as well, this is called Pu-erm, as pronounced in Chinese, it’s  pronounced P-U-E-R-H TEA, I found this in Chinese supermarkets, it’s  got a really strong taste, if you don’t like strong tea this is probably not for you, I,d stick to green tea, this also known to help you lose weight, I think it’s  the taste, I know that green tea actually has this slightly bit of taste and it helps curb your appetite and your sweet tooth at times, the other type of tea that you can get like if you are not a hot beverage fan, you can buy these packets at DAISO or probably Japanese supermarkets, but is actually tea for like a big jug or like a big bottle, like one liter bottle that you can just put in the fridge, whenever I went over to my best friend’s house, she would always have like a jug of these like chilled in like the fridge, it’s  perfect for summer, she usually has oolong tea, this is barley tea and it’s  got a black soybean flavor, you can get barley tea as well or oolong or sort of jasmine tea and what you do is, you get a big jug or you get a big bottle and you sort of brew the tea in the bottle and then choke it in the fridge and any time that you need to drink cold water or a cold drink instead of reaching for a juice or a soft drink you actually just pour the tea, tea is really nice, if you want a bit of sweet taste to it, you can just add a little bit of honey when you brew and then choke it in the fridge, you can probably buy bottles of it as well, in the Asian supermarket, they have big two liter, one liter bottle of tea that you can just choke in the fridge, but sometimes if you want it fresh and less manufactured, you can just buy these tea bags, or you can just get you know, a couple of your green tea bags and just put a few more and just choke it in, brew it, and choke it in the fridge, it’s  the perfect..

I guess way to kind of keep off soft drinks and sugary drinks, the best time to drink tea is, before a meal during a meal and after a meal, I mean you can drink tea the whole time I usually drink tea in the morning as well and then with my lunch and then with my dinner, my best friend always said that her mom, gave her a cup of tea to drink with her dinner or before her dinner and that is really smart because I think that if you drink tea before dinner it actually keeps you a bit full, so you don’t overeat, so you already got something in your stomach so you are not completely hungry and starving when you eat, and also drinking tea after dinner will really help curb your appetite from too many sweets, the taste of the tea really helps settle some cravingsu2026 you know after I drink tea that I’m less likely to crave unhealthy food, is also really nice to have with me just a small sweet like instead of having like a full flan cake with dessert or ice cream, you have like a small sweet with tea and that is really nice for dessert.

The Asian tip number 2, is to always have soup with your meal, so I’m not sure if you guys had Asian soup before, but Asian soup especially Chinese soup is made out of pork bones, chicken feet or chicken broth, the best thing about these kind of soups is it’s  super cheap to make, because bones are just like 2 dollars a kilo, 3 dollars a kilo where I can get them, you can probably get them free from the butcher, if they sort of get rid of it, and all you need to do is seriously wash it, choke it in a pot, bring it to the boil and when the bones like pork bones, or beef bones first come to boil, there is a lot of like brown stuff, so you just tip it all out, scrub it, wash it, choke it back in, and then pour water onto it again and reboil it from there, add you know carrots, add corn, add like dates to sweeten up the flavor and whatever you want really, and after a few hours the pot is ready, is really really good for you, it’s  got a lot of minerals in it from the bone, you can add a little bit of vinegar or apple cider, the acidity really brings out all the nice minerals from the bone, is just really great to have sort of before or after dinner, when I was growing up, every weekend we had soup with our meal, and I guess if we had her stay at home mom..

, you probably have soup every meal if you are in a traditional Chinese family, my mom worked so the only time she had time to make soup was on the weekend, I was having this conversation with my friend the other day, you know different Chinese people have soup at different times, you either have it before dinner or you have it after dinner, some families have it before some families have it after, in the restaurants they serve it to you before and the sweet soup is served after, the good thing about the soup is not only is super good for you it also actually helps you like the green tea fill you up a little bit, before you start your meal, before you start eating rice and before you start..

You know eating your main meal, so having like a bowl of soup with your meal of before you meal is good because it keeps you full and if you eat slow enough, you actually feel full and eat less food and also the liquid is sucking in your actual food, I’m not sure if you’d noticed, but when you eat like noodle soup and then sometimes if you eat too quickly and then you drink the soup and then it just expands your stomach, because the noodles suck it up and just expands, and you feel terrible, but yeah Japanese people have miso soup with their meals so it really depends, if it’s  too hard to make bones soup, you can also drink miso soup as well, they come in packets these days, the only thing about miso soup is it might be really high in sodium, which isn’t good for you in the long run, so maybe make your own miso soup with a little bit less salt, I currently actually make bone soup once a week, and I just make this huge pot, and I put in the fridge, and I just drink it whenever I can, it’s  really good for your skin as well, especially if you put things like chicken feet, I know it might sound disgusting, but it has a lot of collagen things with a lot of collagen really make your skin nice, so I been trying to include more collagen to my diet.

The third Asian diet tip It’s actually to eat more vegetables, I’m not sure if you notice but when you look at Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine and also Korean cuisine even, it’s very low in meat, and very high in vegetables, a traditional Korean family diet, is mainly made up of rice and vegetables, not that much meat, my family only had like a small cut of meat like.. and usually you chop it and sliced it up and include it with the veggies, and that would be kind of like your meat, or maybe you have like a 1 meat dish and then like 3 vegetables dishes, but we would always have a vegetable dish, like the would not be one day, where we don’t have vegetables, vegetables and rice was like a staple, and I think that really help to keep me slim, because vegetables are actually very good for you and they are very low in calories, low calorie vegetables are very predominant in Asian cuisine like cabbage I know Japanese people have a lot of cabbage, so the Korean people, I mean Chinese greens are very low in calories and are very good for you, lettuce is even good because like lettuce is only water, you can eat as much lettuce as you want, and my favorite thing to put with lettuce is like to put in a hotpot, hotpot lettuce is the best, other low calories vegetables that are very predominant in the Asian diet is radish as well as..

Japanese people eat a lot of radish and radish is included in various dishes, as long as you eat more vegetables not starchy vegetable like potatoes but just like leafy greens and spinach, spinach is so good for you and those kind of things, like I don’t think you ever gain weight if you just replace a large portion of your diet with those kind of vegetables, even things like, I know a lot of K-pop stars actually instead of eating like lunch, they have like a sweet.. a steam sweet potato and they are like super good for you and they are really really filling, so if you ever feel like snack or something during the day, why not think of like, roasting or steaming some corn or sweet potato or like steaming some vegetables as a snack, because I’ve done that before, I like savory snacks so like it does take a little bit more effort but you are more likely to stick to your diet, steaming your vegetables or stir frying with a little bit for oil keeps the calories down as well.

Asian tip number 4, how you use utensils?, so let’s compare, how we eat food, let’s say a spoon or a fork right, how much food do you feed in your mouth with that, compare that with eating with chopsticks, not only does chopsticks make that much difficult to eat a lot of food in a short period of time, if you don’t actually know how use chopsticks, it might even be a celebratory moment to even get food into your mouth so using chopsticks to eat actually makes you eat a lot slower, like if you pick up your food slowly and also you pick up less food each time, because when I eat with chopsticks like..

how we eat in China like a family is like all the dishes are placed in the middle, you have your bowl of rice, and you have your chopsticks and then you just grab food put it in your bowl and then your eat it, so is not like, you are served with a huge plate of food that you have to finish, you just take what you want, and because you are taking 1 at the time, one piece at the time it’s like..

It really controls, how fast you eat, because your stomach takes about 10 minutes to realize it’s  actually full, eating slow means, you eat less in the long run, and you don’t overstuff yourself, so eating like this, maybe you should try like serving the dishes separate, to like your bread or your rice and only take enough to finish your bowl of rice or something, you find that you will eat a lot less and you feel less obliged to finish everything in your plate and you might find that you know..

You don’t actually need as much like meat and stuff to finish your rice, you might eat less and you can take more vegetables and things like that, but eating like this, will mean that you eat a lot slower, although I have seen some really pro chopstick users that just like shovel it into their mouth, don’t do that. Asian tip number 5, I covered this in my last week’s video, in Japanese culture there is an old saying that they say which is, u201chara hachi buu201d and that just means eat till you are 8/10 full and that is 80 percent full and that is something that has been passed down generation to generation, it’s  a really good habit to get into, because overstuffing yourself is actually not good for you because you are forcing your stomach to work really really hard to digest and you don’t actually need that much food, you just need enough food to keep you going for the day and make sure that you eat enough nutrition to keep you nourished, u2018hara hachi bu, comes from a Confucius’s teachings and yeah I guess the culture really pick up on it, in fact I think in Japan eating like a pig or eating too much is actually look down upon, it’s  like why do you need to eat so much you are such a pig, so I guess it is a good thing when..

When you know you are stuffing your face instead of people just encouraging you to do it, like.. it’s  kinda like why are you eating so much, but with that being said I think Japanese people have this weird obsession with eating competitions I know there is like this girl in Japan she is like.. she only weighs 45 kilos, super small and I saw her eat 7 kilos of rice and curry that is crazy, but yeah eat to your eighty percent full. tip number 6 is switch from rice to brown rice and you just choke in this and you steam it, and you eat from this it’s .. eating fish is actually better for you because it’s  high in sort of like fish oil which is really good for you.. like if you go to the convenience store in Japan, you can sort of buy this stuff and eat for breakfast and it’s  good for you and it’s  made out of something called.. hashi.

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Mar 31

Weight Loss Special Series Part 1: Joseph Hill


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Mar 26

Secret Diet Plan to Loss Weight 1kg per Day

{“en”:”Here is a secret diet plan to slim down your body and cut down your way to five to eight kilograms in just seven days this is the best vegetarian diet to lose weight are you wondering what is diet is any different when you have tried almost everything possible in the world and heaven got the best results this vegetarian diet to lose weight will help you lose weight very quickly you can expect the following things by practicing this diet plan was you one is around five to eight kilograms in seven days to natural glow to the skin three elimination of toxins will make you feel light and energetic for reduces the lap around the tummy in place this diet plan includes being a fruit vegetable starch and prepare yourself for the vegetarian diet plan you need to avoid alcohol for a few days it is also very essential that you bring a minimum of 10 glasses of water every day and you will not be consuming the same amount of carbohydrates which you normally do water will be your main source of energy for the whole day it will also boost your metabolism and remove the unwanted pounds from the body naturally also take glass of warm water with one spoon honey 11 daily in the morning topics to be discussed in this video one what you have to do for the seven days of your diet plan to tips will help you do plan your seven days effectively three alternative routes that illegal – for alternate vegetables that will be five that chart for all seven days with diving here is what you have to do for the seven days of your diet plan they want me first then it is always the hardest try to give yourself away from all signs of craving as you will be consuming only fruits you can have them in any quantity you like it is suggested that you can do more watermelon lime oranges apples , granite strawberries and balance 20 times a day but should only fruits the only source of nutrition is from the fruits they provide you with all that you need for your body if you prefer to cut them up and eat it’s great but make sure you aren’t adding anything else to it are making fruit juices day to like the first day the second day is all veggies day feel your stomach filled up with vegetables if you need to boil their raw vegetables will do you can even begin your game with a boiled potato and the teaspoon of butter this is done in order to give the body and up energy and carbohydrates for the day but after that only from boiled vegetables only one potato this day is enough don’t consume more than that adding a pinch of oregano or basil seasoning to make the vegetables or edible is perfect day to is a calorie free day with a good about the fiber and in France a 383 is a combination of day wanted to you can dimension fruits and vegetable even want any amount you like a drink lots of water is directed you need to avoid potatoes on day three of you are getting enough carbohydrates supply from the fruits or well on the fourth day of the vegetarian that you wait at the Liberty to eat up to six bananas for the whole then you can drink up to four glasses of milk you must have heard that bananas help in weight gain however in this diet they act as a source of potassium and sodium for the body since the intake of salt is reduced bananas will do the job you you can also have one of our highly diluted to reveal the soup chicken exists capsicum onions garlic and tomatoes it is a tasty and healthy recipe which will help in the wing loss process you can bring the only one time of day it is fully to refresh your taste buds from all the vegetable and fruit intake be careful to resist yourself for just three days away from me wait the five day 5 is a festival day for you as you can have a tasty meal a bunch on tomato broth from cottage cheese also known as for near India and also add soya chunks your meal make the place with the magic ingredients and drink make sure to increase your water intake on day five up to six Tomatoes and increase the water in deep with one quarter of the daily consumption this is done in order to cleanse your body from uric acid the tomatoes are for the fiber and digestion process the water will purify your body from all kinds of toxins a six-day six is a little different today by you will be eating sports cottage cheese and other vegetables but by excluding tomatoes no tomatoes on day six avoid them the tasty soup and lots of water should help you through your day vegetables will provide vitamins and fiber to your body you will already notice change in your body by this time continue consuming a good amount of water every day day 7 the last and final day of the diet plan this is the most important day you will be feeling light on your hose and happy and side out you can have fresh brew choose one cup of brown rice or half Apache and other vegetables you would want to leave you can complete your day with the consumption of water that is the whole diet plan for seven days if you can follow it strictly no one can stop you from gaining a healthy and slimmer body the bolo tips will help you to plan your seven days effectively one no fruit juices allowed in the first six days try to increase water and take 215 glasses by the fifth day we avoid to copy your alcohol you can replace you with black tea black coffee and lime water all these and without sugar three a 45-minute workout on alternative days will help you get the best results for in case this weight loss program you are undertaking is for a particular occasion try it to run to be or and with two to three days gap after I over seven days five vegetables can be taken in salad for Maureen as a whole you can press it with squeezed lemon herbs garlic or even wider one vinegar nothing else should be added to this takes the recipes given you unlimited quantities will be a pleasure while you are following this vibration not like the ingredients you can add other vegetables like cauliflower corn asparagus cabbage and others try to stay away from all types of beans kidney lima Pinto etc they are said to be high in calorie remaining three topics will be continued to second part of the video thank you we subscribe my channel to get more health tips”}

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Mar 26

Garcinia Cambogia Review – A Weight Loss Supplement That Works?

{“en”:”- What was once traditionally used to add sour flavor to meals, garcinia cambogia has become a wildly popular weight loss supplement. But how effective is it? That’s the topic of this video. Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit also known as Malabar tamarind. The skin contains a large amount of hydroxycitric acid, which is the biologically active substance thought to be responsible for its effects. The supplement extract is taken from the skin after it has been dehydrated. Manufacturers primarily claim it helps by blocking the fat-producing enzyme citrate lyase. This makes it harder for the body to produce fat. Theoretically, it may also reduce food cravings. But does it actually work when put to the test? Fortunately, garcinia cambogia has been tested many times in humans. The best evidence available is a review of nine studies that specifically looked at its effects on weight loss. These were all randomized, controlled trials, which compared garcinia cambogia against placebo or dummy pills.

The graph shows the weight loss results from these nine human studies. The blue bars represent the garcinia cambogia group. The orange bars represent the placebo groups. As you can see, some studies didn’t find any difference, but quite a few studies showed significantly greater weight loss in the garcinia cambogia groups. The average weight loss caused by garcinia cambogia was only two pounds, or kilos, greater than the placebo groups.

But many of the studies were small. They had a number of design flaws, and were short in duration, typically a maximum of 12 weeks. Interestingly, the single largest study, with 135 participants, found no effects of garcinia cambogia supplementation, so both groups, the placebo and the supplement group, lost the same amount of weight. So if it does really work for weight loss, then the effect is fairly small, unreliable, and only lasts for a very short period of time. On the positive side, a 2012 review of the safety of garcinia cambogia did not find any serious side effects. However, people who take it are about twice as likely to experience digestive problems. In any case, you should consult with a doctor before taking it if you have a medical condition or are taking any medications. Also avoid taking it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The reality is that this supplement, at best, is going to help you lose an additional two pounds, or almost one kilo, after 12 weeks, so it’s pretty underwhelming when you consider just how much it’s going to cost you for that period of time.

But is it really that surprising? As with most weight loss supplements, it’s not going to be particularly effective on its own. You’re still going to have to consistently eat healthy, exercise more, and sleep better, and do that for the long term, because short term diets and pills will only give you short term results. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up, and if you haven’t already, you can press the big red button below the video to subscribe to the Authority Nutrition YouTube channel, and then you can stay in the loop whenever we release new videos.. “}

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Mar 25

Weight Loss Journey Week 2 Results: 2.2 lbs Loss

{“en”:”Good morning I am out here, in the park today about to get my workout on for the day. I am, sorry that I’m moving so much. I am, about to do, four minute walk, two minute run. Which is week four of my workout plan, my training plan. Typical plan consist of you doing four minute walk, two minute run. Repetition five times so it totals to about 30 minutes I’m gonna do an entire hour, ’cause I want to get in close to four miles Umm, I really had to talk my ass into getting up this morning. I very seriously was laid up like a half hour like, I don’t feel like doing it, I’m really not in the mood. Um, Happy Mother’s Day, before I forget. Um, for Mother’s Day I am treating myself to the Ed Sheeran concert. Love his music. I think my daughter got me a gift. I’m going to find out today. It’s like the first time in years she’s has bought me a Mother’s day gift.

That’s cool! I’ll find out later. I don’t think that I’ve lost any weight this week. All the snacking I was doing. Again I was eating cakes, gummy bears, cheesecakes. Same type, it’s cake but I had pound cake and then cheesecake so, but I do think my waistline is slimming down. Gonna take some pictures later. This week I should be more dedicated to getting videos up and done, because again like I said I’m out of school.

One more final on Tuesday and that’ll be the end of it soon. Hopefully I can get some stuff done, I wanna give you day of my daily eating so you can see the type of meals I prepare and how I eat at least one day a week. And I want to try and get together those before pictures up and to the present so you can see where I started from. About to get this workout in.

Talk to you later. miles in one hour. Think I shaved off about 20 seconds from last run. As far as minutes per mile. Oooh, my recovery time. I’m getting my breath though. It needs to get better. It takes me longer than a minute to recover. That shows, um, how much, how hard your heart has to work. Something like that. But yeah, recovery time has to do with your heart returning back to his normal pace and your breathing returning back to it’s normal pace. And right now its taking me too long, in my opinion, over a minute too recover it’s getting better though. I was at two minutes last week. Alright, so I’m done with this workout. About to do the weigh-in., I lost weight! Yay me! Yay me! Yay me! Turn the fuck up. pounds down since I started this video journel on April 28th, I was 191.4. Today, on Mother’s Day, happy mother’s day to me I am want 189.2. I’ve only did three actual workouts since I started the plan on April 28th or started this journal April 28th. But I have been maintaining nutritional goals with the exception of the past few days were I was pigging out on cake and fried food and gummy bears and stuff like that.

I thought I had really over done it but I guess I didn’t. Or at least these prior day’s have kinda balanced out the whack ass days that I had. I’m about to hop in the shower. I stink to myself. That workout, run was, hmmm. I thought I would’ve got a lot further being that I was running longer. I only did miles compared to the day I did 3.75, when I was walking more. I did like 5 extra minutes of running and I didn’t get that much further. But I was sluggish when I started and I didn’t want to work out so, that’s better than nothing. So, this week I’m saying it should be better for me. I have my aun’t funeral on Tuesday, I have a final exams on Tuesday. And then I’m done with funerals and I’m done with school. I graduate next Sunday on my next weigh-in day. Well, yeah I’m finna go hop in the shower because I feel good now. I’m glad I did get to that workout. I said I’m going to the Ed Sheeran concert tonight, so I gotta do something to my do.

And get breakfast in me. I did my glucose readings. I missed it last week. I did my glucose readings,they were at 111 and that’s actually high, for someone who hasn’t eaten yet. Average range for a healthy person it’s like 95, when you haven’t eaten breakfast. I check again two hours after I eat. And I should stay under 140. Usually I am. It’s probably going still be like right around 111. Which is why the doctor said I ‘m like a pre-bia pre-diabetic range. I can’t even speak. I’m trying to get that glucose down to 95. Which means I will be getting back into good health. If I drop 10% of this body weight, which is like 18 pounds. Then that should knock me out of the prediabetic stage I’m 2 pounds into that. This week I expect it to be, fucking awesome, because I can go workout, like I want to.

I can go to the community garden. I keep saying I want to get video of the community garden but every time I go, I’m working and I can’t hold the camera and you know pull weeds and plant stuff. So I’m just gonna go on a random day just to to get some footage for you. So you can see what the garden looks like. Um, I said it’s a community garden. And I have an orange thumb. I don’t have a green thumb. So its shocking to me that anything is growing. I’m like yay! So, yeah. Happy Mother’s Day again. So I will see you all soon. Peace out.. “}

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Mar 18

3 Weight Loss Drinks to Lose Body Fat Quickly & Become Slim | Health Videos in Hindi

{“en”:”Today we bring you some Weight Loss drinks that can be prepared in minutes! So now losing weight won’t be difficult wherever you are – at home or workplace. We will take 3 cloves of garlic and gently crush them. Now we will mix this garlic in hot water. Now we will add lemon slices. Add 1 spoon of Honey. Mix it well. Your drink is ready! Have it early morning on an empty stomach. Chew the garlic. You might find it difficult to chew raw garlic but when you’ll see it’s instant benefits, you’ll be motivated to have it regularly. If you want a flat tummy, then this is a very effective home remedy. Have this drink for at least 1 week and see it’s magical results. Take half spoon of Cinnamon Powder and mix it in boiling hot water. When the water comes at room temperature, add one spoon of Honey to it. If you add Honey to boiling water, it can kill its useful enzymes. So add Honey only when the mixture cools down. Your drink is ready! Have half a cup of this drink half an hour before breakfast and the remaining half of the drink after dinner.

Take this Cinnamon water for at least 1 month and soon you will begin to see its results. Take one glass of water and let it boil. Take half an inch of Ginger and let it boil for 10 minutes. Turn off the gas and keep it for 5 minutes. Now strain it with a sieve. Add one spoon of Honey. Add lemon slices. Mix it well. Your drink is ready! Ginger and lemon burns body fat and also help detox the body. Have this drink half an hour before breakfast. In all these 3 Home Remedies, we have taken only those ingredients that are mostly available in every kitchen or can be easily bought from the market. Also, they are quick to prepare. If you can’t drink water in quantity, then have fresh juices or coconut water. Avoid Snacks or any junk between meals. If you feel hungry between meals, then have dry fruits or fresh fruits. All these Home Remedies have proven results. Whichever drink you choose, have it regularly for best results.. “}

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Mar 12

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

{“en”:”We have this idea that if we want to lose weight, we join a gym on January 1st, we start working out regularly, and eventually weu2019ll slim down. Well, hereu2019s some bad news. I read more than sixty studies on this, and it turns out exercise is actually pretty useless when it comes to weight loss. Dr. Kevin Hall at the National Institutes of Health has done some of the most important studies on exercise and weight loss We need to rebrand exercise u2026 exercise isnu2019t a weight loss tool per se, it’s excellent for health is probably the best single thing that you can do other than stopping smoking to improve your health. But donu2019t look at it as a weight loss tool. Exercise will definitely help you live a longer, happier lifeu2026.

Itu2019s just not the best way to lose weight. And the reason has to do with how our bodies use energy. You may not realize it, but physical activity is actually a tiny component of your daily energy burn. There are three main ways our bodies burn calories. These include your resting metabolism, so that’s how much energy your body burns just for its basic functioning, just to keep you alive, basically. The other part of energy expenditure is the thermic effect of food, and thatu2019s just how much energy is required to break food down in your body.

The third part of energy expenditure is physical activity. For most people, physical activity – thatu2019s any movement you do, only accounts for about 10 to 30 percent of energy use. So the vast majority of energy or calories you burn every day comes from your basal or resting metabolism, over which you have very little control. While 100% of your u201ccalories inu201d are up to you, only up to about 30% of your u201ccalories outu201d are in your control. One study found that if a 200-pound man ran for an hour, 4 days a week for a month, heu2019d lose about 5 pounds at most, assuming everything else stays the same. And everything else doesnu2019t stay the same! Researchers have found we make all kinds of behavioral and physiological adaptations when we start increasing the amount of exercise weu2019re getting every day. For one thing, exercise tends to make people hungry. And I’m sure you know the feeling: you go for a spinning class in the morning, and then by the time you eat breakfast you’re so hungry you maybe double the size of the portion of oatmeal you normally eat. There’s also evidence to suggest that some people simply slow down after a work out, so if you went running in the morning you might be less inclined to take the stairs at work.

These are called u201ccompensatory behaviorsu201d — the various ways we unknowingly undermine our workouts. Researchers have also discovered a phenomenon called metabolic compensation. As people start to slim down, their resting metabolism can slow down. So the amount of energy you burn while at rest is lower. That means this bar might shrink as you start to lose weight. Thereu2019s still a lot of research to be done, but one study from 2012 is particularly interesting. They went out into the middle of the Savannah in Tanzania to measure the energy burn among a group of hunter gathers called the Hadza. These are super-active, lean hunter-gatherers. Theyu2019re not spending their days behind a computer at a desk.

And what they found was shocking. What we found is that there was no difference at all. So even though the Hadza have a much more physically active lifestyle, they weren’t burning any more calories every day than adults in the US and Europe. Somehow the energy they used for physical activity was being offset or conserved elsewhere. So how do they stay slim? They donu2019t overeat. We can undo the calories that we burn off in exercise pretty quickly. It would take about an hour of running to burn off a Big Mac and fries. Youu2019d have to spend about an hour dancing pretty vigorously to burn off three glasses of wine you might drink with dinner. An hour of cycling really intensely on exercise bikes to burn off about two doughnuts.

Thatu2019s why exercise is best seen as a healthy supplement for a strategy thatu2019s focused on food. But despite extremely high obesity rates in the US, government agencies continue to present exercise as a solution … as do companies with a real interest in making sure we keep eating and drinking their products. Since the 1920s, companies like Coca-Cola have been aligning themselves with the exercise message. The idea here is that you can drink all these extra bottles of soda as long as you work out. But as we’re seeing, it doesn’t work like that. Actually burning off those extra calories from a can of soda is really, really hard. We have an obesity problem in this country, and we shouldn’t treat low physical activity and eating too many calories as equally responsible for it.

Public health policymakers should really prioritize improving our food environment to help people make healthier choices about what they eat. It’s not impossible to lose weight through exercise, it’s just a lot harder. And we need to recognize how that works. If you do go to the gym, and you burn all these calories, it takes you a long time to do so and you put in a great amount of effort, you can erase all of that in five minutes of eating a slice of pizza. Relative magnitude is actually quite surprising, and most people don’t fully appreciate that.. “}

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