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Apr 22

Xenical / Orlistat / diet pills – Weightloss – Video #2 of 4

{“en-GB”:”[music]. This is video two on Orlistat it has been 9 days since my last video. I weighed myself this morning. I have messed up over this week. I have had 5 takeaways I shouldn’t have had. I forgot to take Orlistat for 2 days because I had family staying and plus I didn’t walk for 3 miles for those 2 days. So I thought I might have put on weight but I have actually lost kgs. As you can see from my Fitbit weighting scale measurements. I have noticed that my stomach feels looser as opposed to looking so tight and bloated. The only other thing I have noticed is that my trousers fall down when I go up the stairs [giggle] which is a bit inconvenient but good because I am losing the weight so I am hoping for week 3 that I will stick to the 3 miles a day more than ridgely maybe even increase my exercise and obviously not forget the Orlistat. Yeah, I am going to be just more focused this week going forward. Thanks for watching please like subscribe if you want to hear see more videos on my progress with Orlistat.

Oh I would also like to add I have noticed one more side effect which is quite an increase in flatuance. I am sure it says it in the leaflet about that anyway but obviously I just wanted to let you know [giggle]. Thank you.. “}

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Apr 13

Zero Calorie Cabbage Diet Soup | How to

{“en”:”Hello and welcome to my channel and to my kitchen! Today I’m going to make for you a cabbage soup which is adapted from the Cabbage Diet . The diet that makes you lose like 10 lbs a week. I don’t follow that diet because I find it sort of unhealthy but I do make that soup and I make it plant based. So lets get started..!! To make this soup besides a cutting board and a sharp knife we need a whole head of cabbage.. I love garlic so I’m going to use a few cloves of garlic. And a smalll bunch of green onions and to this I will add a big can of organic fire roasted diced tomatoes You can use fresh tomatoes.

I prefer canned for its tangy taste in my soup. Next I will be using 3 medium sized onions. You can use any kind. Also I will be adding these beautiful bell peppers. They are slightly wrinkly but I don’t care since I love to buy deals and these were organic, 3 for a $1. I had to buy them! The last thing among the vegetables is celery. I will use 6 stocks of celery. For some extra flavour I will be adding a whole box of organic vegetable broth and of course my trusty pink Himalayan salt Black pepper some red cayenne pepper and last but not the least, some Rasam powder.

That’s what adds some Indian flavor to my soup. and then begins the process of chopping and dropping all our spices and vegetables in a huge stock pot I’m using a 7 quart stock pot over here And to this pot of vegetables we will add fire roasted tomatoes vegetable stock Then I will add all the spices. Please make sure to check the discription box below for the measurements for all the ingredients. I also added some water to make sure there was enough water for my vegetables to cook in. And then I put a lid on it and take on the stove and turn it on high. Once it comes to a boil, I adjust the heat to a medium low and allow the vegetables to soften and absorb all the spices nicely…

Ummm…smells amazing! And here it is. This is what it looks like when it’s all done and ready to be eaten. This soup can be eaten any time you are hungry. Eat as much as you want, any time you want. This soup will not add calories. Actually, the more you eat, the more you lose! Eating too much of this soup to curb your hunger can result in malnutrition.

So please make sure to eat healthy balanced diet with enough calories, like beans , fruits, nuts etc., to provide your body with required nutrition. So that was the recipe and I hope you will try to make this soup. The good part about this soup is it is plant based. If you are someone like me, who craves Indian flavor in the food, then this food has a hint of Indian flavor to it with the Rasam powder. It takes more calories to digest this soup therefore, you’r getting all the nutrition of the vegetables for your body and you don’t have to work harder to burn the calories and who would not like that! So that’s it guys! I hope you make this soup and you enjoy it as much as I do.

I will see you next Monday again right here on It’s a Goat’s Life Until then, Bye!. “}

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