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May 26

Study: Ingestable Balloon Effective for Weight Loss

{“en”:”An ingestible balloon may be the latest tool in the fight against obesity. According to a recent medical trial, volunteers who swallowed so-called intragastric balloons lost an average of more than 15 kilos, or 33 pounds, in 16 weeks. The balloons, designed to make people feel full, are nothing new. However, swallowing them is. Previously the Elipse balloon had to be surgically inserted into a patient’s stomach. Researchers said the new method of swallowing the balloon is a safer alternative because obese patients can avoid going under anesthesia and going under the knife altogether.

It’s also much cheaper. The findings were presented May 18 at the European Congress on Obesity in Portugal. However, obesity experts point out that unlike bariatric surgery, the balloon only provides a temporary solution. It breaks after 16 weeks and is expelled by the body. For United News International, I’m Neela Eyunni.. “}

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