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May 25

Xenical / Orlistat / diet pills – Weightloss – Video #1 of 4

{“en”:”This is going to be a video on Xenical. I have got these from doctors on 18 August 2015 It is to treat obesity – I call them the fat tablets because they stop you absorbing fat from your meals They come like that – that is all they are You take one with each meal everytime you have you meal so if you have 3 meals a day take one with each meal.

If you have a meal which does contain fat you don’t take one. So, say if you have a fruit salad that wouldn’t have any fat in it unless you used a lot of avocado or put a fat dressing on it. So you can read the leaflet for all the side effects. I will also be walking 3 miles a day in the morning and in then in the afternoon if I sell something on eBay so going to the Post Office [this is just a 10 minute walk] I am due back at the doctors on the 10 September for a check up. This is to see if I am losing weight on it – which I am. Right now I will quickly show you now that I use a Fitbit which basically tracks how many steps u do and if you get 5 lights there you’ve done 10,000 steps.

So I have got 4 at the moment. I have also got the Fitbit scale which then communicates with my computer to log it all on the internet. And I will show you my dashboard where before I started on the 3 August I weighed 106 kg. And then I started on the 18 August – weighed myself on the 24 so I had already lost nearly 3 kg. I them weighed myself again on the 27 August so yesterday and I had lost…. 3.2, no kgs so yeah that is me started on Xenical I do eat a plant based diet so my food is not really that high in fat as if you are eating meat and dairy so I haven’t had any of the nasty side effects – of people having accidents and all that so you do definitely…

see the fat in your stools. It is just like little droplets. So it is something you have just got to be conscious of. You know, I wouldn’t pass wind I would go to the toilet just in case [giggle]. And I haven’t had any accidents so that is the way forward for me. I will do another video showing what I am eating.

and this is literally just to show you what you get from the doctor, what they look like, they are fairly big tablets. And that yeah they are already working – thank you for watching.. “}

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Apr 22

Xenical / Orlistat / diet pills – Weightloss – Video #2 of 4

{“en-GB”:”[music]. This is video two on Orlistat it has been 9 days since my last video. I weighed myself this morning. I have messed up over this week. I have had 5 takeaways I shouldn’t have had. I forgot to take Orlistat for 2 days because I had family staying and plus I didn’t walk for 3 miles for those 2 days. So I thought I might have put on weight but I have actually lost kgs. As you can see from my Fitbit weighting scale measurements. I have noticed that my stomach feels looser as opposed to looking so tight and bloated. The only other thing I have noticed is that my trousers fall down when I go up the stairs [giggle] which is a bit inconvenient but good because I am losing the weight so I am hoping for week 3 that I will stick to the 3 miles a day more than ridgely maybe even increase my exercise and obviously not forget the Orlistat. Yeah, I am going to be just more focused this week going forward. Thanks for watching please like subscribe if you want to hear see more videos on my progress with Orlistat.

Oh I would also like to add I have noticed one more side effect which is quite an increase in flatuance. I am sure it says it in the leaflet about that anyway but obviously I just wanted to let you know [giggle]. Thank you.. “}

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Feb 09

Xenical / Orlistat / diet pills – Why I quit after 2 months – Video #4 of 4

{“en-GB”:”Arrh, so this video is basically just to clear up why I finished doing Orlistat. The reason was is when I went vegan it completely got rid of my IBS. IBS is when you get real pains in your stomach but being on Orlistat because if you eat any fat it makes it liquid. This means you have got diarrea a lot of the time which I find quite painful. So I didn’t want to go back into the whole painful stomach thing so I actually stopped. I actually lost 10 kgs on the Orlistat which was quite good. It helped me see the hidden fat in my diet so I could change this. I have now changed to Slimming World because I can eat as much as I want without any of the pain. Or the worry of going out and having an accident.

So it might suit some people but overall I would say do something like Slimming World and just change the way you eat forever. Rather than… Do something abnormal to your body which is going to cause you pain. The end.. “}

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