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May 05

The Mediterranean Diet or a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet?

{“en”:””The Mediterranean Diet or a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet?” Recent studies have shown that higher Mediterranean diet adherence scores are associated with a significant reduction in the risk of death, heart disease, cancer and brain disease. But the problem with population studies like these is that people who eat healthier may also live healthier, and so how do we know it’s their diet? As the American Heart Association position states: “Before advising people to follow a Mediterranean diet, we need more studies to find out whether the diet itself or other lifestyle factors account for the lower deaths from heart disease.” How do you do that? Well, there are ways you can control for obvious things like smoking and exercise, which many of the studies did, but ideally you’d do an interventional trial, the gold standard of nutritional science. Take people, change their diet, while trying to keep everything else the same, and see what happens.

And that’s what we got 20 years ago, the famous Lyon Diet Heart Study. About 600 folks who had just had their first heart attack were randomized into two groups. The control group got no dietary advice, apart from whatever their doctors were telling them, but the experimental group was told to eat more of a Mediterranean-type diet, supplemented with a canola-oil based spread to give them the plant-based omega-3s they’d normally be getting from weeds and walnuts if they actually lived on a Greek isle in the 1950s. The Mediterranean diet group did end up taking some of the dietary advice to heart. They ate more bread, more fruit, less deli meat, less meat in general, and less butter and cream, but other than that no significant changes in diet reported in terms of wine, olive oil, or fish consumption.

So less saturated fat and cholesterol, more plant-based omega 3s, but not huge dietary changes, but at the end of about four years, in the control group, 44 individuals had a second heart attack, either fatal or nonfatal, but only 14 suffered another attack in the group that changed their diet. So they went from having like a 4% chance of having a heart attack every year, down to like 1%. Now a cynic might say yes, less death and disease, but the Mediterranean diet continued to feed their heart disease, so much so that 14 of them suffered new heart attacks while on the diet. Now their disease progressed a lot less than the regular diet group, about four times less, but what if there was a diet that could stop or reverse heart disease? Dr.

Caldwell Esselstyn and colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic recently published a case series of 198 consecutive patients with cardiovascular disease counseled to switch to a diet composed entirely of whole plant foods. Of the 198, 177 stuck to the diet, whereas the other 21 fell off the wagon, setting up kind of a natural experiment. What happened to the 21? This was such a sick group of patients that more than half suffered from like a fatal heart attack, or needed angioplasty or a heart transplant. In that same time period of about four years, of the 177 that stuck to the plant-based diet only one had a major event as a result of worsening disease – not half, but less than 1%. As Dean Ornish noted in his response to the latest Mediterranean trial, a Mediterranean diet is better than what most people are consuming, but even better may be a diet based on whole plant foods. Now this was not a randomized trial, so can’t be directly compared to the Lyon study, and included very determined patients. Not everyone is willing to dramatically change their diets, even if it may literally be a matter of life or death.

In which case, rather than doing nothing, eating a more Mediterranean-type diet may cut risk for heart attack survivors by about two-thirds. Cutting 99% of risk would be better, if Esselstyn’s results were replicated in a controlled trial, but even a 70% drop in risk could save tens of thousands of lives every year..

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May 04


{“en”:”Hi! We’re in my kitchen! Get comfortable. We’re in my kitchen because this is where I make food, one of my favourite things in life. But in the past, I’ve had sort of a complicated relationship with food. When I was 17, I went on a diet, it said no cheese, no bread, no ice cream! Basically all my favourite unhealthy things were off limits.

I did it because I wanted to loose weight in time for summer though I worked out a lot and my body does great working out. It was really my relationship with food and everything going on up here that was not good. I weighed myself every day, obsessed over love handles and thigh gaps, and arm flaps… I remember this one time when I went to my friends’ house and they wanted to order pizza and I was like: “Yes!… Nooo!!” And I ate it and I felt terrible the next couple of days.

Dieting in the US is a big part of how we learn to develop a relationship with food and with weight. If you’re talking about making healthier choices in your life replacing butter with olive oil or avocado, grilling instead of frying, I’m not gonna call that a diet. This is a lifestyle change. When I say dieting, I’m referring to a temporary restriction in what you eat, it can be very minimal restriction or it can be very extreme, driven by a toxic mentality. The mentality I had where, if I loose weight, I could finally love and accept myself and wear a bikini.

But it’s a lie! Loving yourself as long as you look a certain way isn’t self-love, it’s self-destruction. Dieting for me was really a solution to the problem of feeling terrible about myself. And I didn’t know that there were any alternatives to deal with it. But there are! For instance, if you’re dieting to be skinnier, maybe just… stop. These types of restrictions on food can lower your metabolism, they make you feel weak because you’re not getting all the nutrients that you need, make you more susceptible to getting sick…

95% of diets just straight don’t work, people gain all the weight back. The perfect body that so many people are chasing after is like 20% below the ideal healthy weight. We’re driven, we’re driving. And the gas in our tank is feeling that we are not good enough. 1 in 3 female students in this big survey in the UK said that they would be willing to shave months or years off of their life to have the perfect body. Willing to die earlier… Like: “Houston… We have a problem.” But the problem isn’t you.

It’s 1, the media, which is a huge source of our learning about what’s valuable, what’s beautiful… 2, sexism: women are socialized to constantly monitor their own bodies and to make sure that they don’t take up too much space. 3, our social environment, our friends’ and our parents’ diet and body image issues seep into our brain. And 4, the ginormous scam that is the diet industry. They actively work to make sure that, in people’s minds, weight loss is paired with things like: “And now I can keep up with my kids, my job, the house…” “More feminine, more sexy, more energetic, and happier!” Becoming more beautiful, becoming more desirable, a better girlfriend, a better person… The diet industry collectively helps to create a false need and insecurity and then offers you a false cure and makes 60 billion dollars a year doing it.

But here’s the big fucking secret that jeopardizes their entire existence: you are good enough. You… are… good enough. The people’s goodness, their value does not come down to their weight. You are a whole-ass human being that is so much more than just a number. And that this drive, this cultural obession with loosing weight even though we say it’s for health, is indicative of a much broader sickness. And what do you do when you’re sick? You take some medicine. I’m talking about giving yourself the love that you deserve, I’m talking about not shit-talking to yourself and comparing yourself to other people. I’m talking about choices that are actually healthy. Not letting the world stop with some pizza. Or bikinis. I’m talking about the end of meticulous self-monitoring, defining ourselves by our weight. I’m talking about the end of dieting. I’ll see you guys next time. “}

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Apr 14

Lose 10 to 17 Lbs. Guaranteed – Magic 7 – Day Weight loss Plan

{“en”:”Hey, Everyone welcome back to Cookingarounds Channel. Ok, you asked for it you are going to get it now. You want something fast, you want to lose the weight. Well here is my new Plan. 7 Day Soup Diet recipe. Just absolutely awesome. And I gurantee you that if you do this correctly with-in 7 days you will lose 10 to 17 pounds. But NO cheating, so Here we go. So let’s start with these fresh veggies we have all these goodies here I am really excited, we have fresh tomatoes, we have red bell peppers. and we have some pepper and and some other spices here and we have low-sodium veggie stock. This will be awesome with these beans This will be absolutely awesome. So Please look at my Blog below and you will find the directions to follow this recipe. Diet, correctly with-in the 7 days. Let’s get going. Ok, grap yourself a large pot, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You will see how easy this recipe is to make. Now that the oil is hot, let’s add 2 cups of diced carrots. Now let’s stir this and let this go for about a couple of minutes. Now add 2 medium red bell peppers.

Awww this is going to be awesome. Let’s also stir this for a couple of minutes. 5 stems of green onions. Now here is the good part, add 1 bunch of celery tops and leave some of the leaves in it because it is good for you to. It also gives it a bit of colour. Also more nutrition to your soup. Stir this for a couple of minutes and I shall be back. Now for that rich taste add 1/3 cup of tomato paste Now stir it really, really well because I want that tomato paste to incorporate with those veggies. Ok. here we go. Now add 3 cups of sliced tomatos, I am using vine tomatoes. they are awesome and fresh. Now add about 2 cups of green beans. Get this thing mixed really, really well again we are almost coming to the end now. Ok, we are finished with our veggies add 3 cups of tomato paste. Check this link here and see how to make it Homemade. How much water do you add, by my pot, right up to there Now add some water until I reach about 1-inch from the top of my pot.

This also depends on how thick do you want your soup. Do you want it thicker or thinner. you will have to make a decsion on this part right here. How you want it. And no, we are going to give it a little stir. Increase the heat. So as it is heating up let’s 2 tablespoons of mustard. Here I am using dijon mustard. You can use your favorite mustard. Whatever you like And we shall be back Now to spice it up 1 teaspoon of chilli. 1 teaspoon of ground cumin. For some color and looks. 2 teaspoons of sweet paprika Now the fat burner 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper. or more if you are on the brave side. Now here comes the fresh ground pepper Here I am adding about 1/2 teaspoon of pepper but you can add as much as you want, Go ahead and make your day. To make it rich tasting, add 2 Tablespoons of dried veggie stock Now this has to be low-sodium. Very, very important. Now, give it a good stir. With the heat still on high. Let’s now.

Cover it. Now we will wait for it to reach a boil and once again, I promise you, I shall be back. Ok, I am back. It has been a few minutes and it has started to boil again give it a little stir. Now once again I want you to Cover it And grab your handy dandy chicken, or any timer and set it to 30 minutes. Now if you are sensitive to the fibers in the veggies, I recommend that you set it to 40 minutes. So, lets get this thing cooking, And I shall be back, and the chicken has an eye on you. Ok, we are back, it has been about 30 minute. Let’s take a look at the soup and see how it is, awww, look at that. is that not awesome. Nice and thick and rich just nice fresh veggies, just take a look at that.

Just see how that looks, don’t you want to just dig into that. and this is going to help you lose all the weight. trust me, this will just shed all the pounds off, now Let’s taste it and see how it tastes. remember that this is for you not for me. For me it is absolutely perfect. But Now as per salt, this is for you to lose weight, So, no, no, no No salt. please be strong here. if you want, add more spices, make it stronger or add more fresh pepper or any other types of herbs.

it is whatever makes you happy. So, this is basically it. Please check my Blog, with this link. Follow my recipe of losing weight for 7 days. Please DO NOT cheat. And remember, if you follow it you will lose a lot of pounds. Because this will burn fat. The more you eat the more you lose. All I can say now is thankyou very much from From Tony and Cookingaround.

Goodbye.. “}

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Apr 13

Zero Calorie Cabbage Diet Soup | How to

{“en”:”Hello and welcome to my channel and to my kitchen! Today I’m going to make for you a cabbage soup which is adapted from the Cabbage Diet . The diet that makes you lose like 10 lbs a week. I don’t follow that diet because I find it sort of unhealthy but I do make that soup and I make it plant based. So lets get started..!! To make this soup besides a cutting board and a sharp knife we need a whole head of cabbage.. I love garlic so I’m going to use a few cloves of garlic. And a smalll bunch of green onions and to this I will add a big can of organic fire roasted diced tomatoes You can use fresh tomatoes.

I prefer canned for its tangy taste in my soup. Next I will be using 3 medium sized onions. You can use any kind. Also I will be adding these beautiful bell peppers. They are slightly wrinkly but I don’t care since I love to buy deals and these were organic, 3 for a $1. I had to buy them! The last thing among the vegetables is celery. I will use 6 stocks of celery. For some extra flavour I will be adding a whole box of organic vegetable broth and of course my trusty pink Himalayan salt Black pepper some red cayenne pepper and last but not the least, some Rasam powder.

That’s what adds some Indian flavor to my soup. and then begins the process of chopping and dropping all our spices and vegetables in a huge stock pot I’m using a 7 quart stock pot over here And to this pot of vegetables we will add fire roasted tomatoes vegetable stock Then I will add all the spices. Please make sure to check the discription box below for the measurements for all the ingredients. I also added some water to make sure there was enough water for my vegetables to cook in. And then I put a lid on it and take on the stove and turn it on high. Once it comes to a boil, I adjust the heat to a medium low and allow the vegetables to soften and absorb all the spices nicely…

Ummm…smells amazing! And here it is. This is what it looks like when it’s all done and ready to be eaten. This soup can be eaten any time you are hungry. Eat as much as you want, any time you want. This soup will not add calories. Actually, the more you eat, the more you lose! Eating too much of this soup to curb your hunger can result in malnutrition.

So please make sure to eat healthy balanced diet with enough calories, like beans , fruits, nuts etc., to provide your body with required nutrition. So that was the recipe and I hope you will try to make this soup. The good part about this soup is it is plant based. If you are someone like me, who craves Indian flavor in the food, then this food has a hint of Indian flavor to it with the Rasam powder. It takes more calories to digest this soup therefore, you’r getting all the nutrition of the vegetables for your body and you don’t have to work harder to burn the calories and who would not like that! So that’s it guys! I hope you make this soup and you enjoy it as much as I do.

I will see you next Monday again right here on It’s a Goat’s Life Until then, Bye!. “}

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Apr 08

Slim Spray Weight Loss – Slim Spray Review – Marz Slim Spray Reviews – Slim Spray Diet

{“en”:”Say hello to Marz Sprays and slim spray the revolutionary new development from the Leading innovators in oral spray slim spray was specially formulated with weight loss patients to help group food cravings and reduced appetite Eliminate the pain and hassle of trying to swallow annoying pills. No more useless powders and shakes. Marz Spray advanced ingestion sprays have been formulated to work faster than similar pills and capsule Oral sprays quickly enters the body allowing you to use less and save more. Stay healthy spray healthy.. “}

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Mar 31

How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week | Lose Belly Fat Easiest Methods*Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review

{“en”:”How to lose weight fast in a weak. stress to lose weight want to lose belly fat fast the might success story how I lose weight fast now I am so happy way hello my name is Maria J Clifford on a licensed dietitian PhD at the kennedy Health Institute in Washington and a mother cue first ball I believe that person in cambodia is a great and hope the natural supplement for weight loss I’ve personally seen numerous people lose six-and-a-half 210 pounds during their first meet after putting the Garcinia cambogia extract to work and not the reason why I usually recommend it to my patients I created this website after seeing the amazing amount low-quality Garcinia cambogia products from China that are on the market shelves today it simply do not work and mislead people: so the mission in this video is to help you identify the real supplement among the fake one in order to do that please find for EV steps other than to find the real Garcinia cambogia below please also note that I don’t have any financial interest in garcinia tambocor and I’m doing this because I really care about people home. How i lose weight fast in a weak,Garcinia Cambogia review,”}

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Mar 26

Why You Can’t Lose Weight

{“en”:”- [Voiceover] If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably extremely familiar with these images, all claiming you can easily gain the body of your dreams with just some diet and exercise. You may have found yourself, despite hundreds of crunches and tons of salads, imagining that your body is working against you. Well, good news, I guess, it’s not all in your head. Dieting advocates have long subscribed to the theory that the number of calories you consume versus the calories you expend determines your weight. So, to break it down, in this theory to maintain a certain weight, if you ate a 57 calorie snack, you must then burn roughly 57 calories.

And if you plan to lose any weight, you have to expend more calories than you’re taking in. But scientific studies are now confirming what we’ve all suspected; that’s a load of hooey. It’s just not that simple. Everyone has a friend that is tiny despite eating pizza and Cheetos all day and another that eats salads and runs, but can’t lose a pound. So, why is it so hard for so many people to lose weight? Let’s start with exercise. Although exercise is really, really good for you, it doesn’t affect your caloric expenditure nearly as much as you’d think. The majority of calories we burn come from the energy it takes for our body to perform basic functions and to break down food, which is essentially out of your control.

Only about 10 to 30 percent of your caloric intake can be burned via physical activity. On top of that, working out may elevate hormones that increase feelings of hunger. So, a post-gym nosh could easily undo that hour of cardio. Okay, so working out isn’t guaranteed to help you lose weight. Changing what you eat will though, right? Diet management can be more effective than exercise, but again, it’s not that simple. Generally, when you do lose weight through diet, your metabolism drops. Weight loss also results in a fall of leptin levels, a hormone that regulates hunger. This makes it difficult to balance appetite and to burn calories. Additionally, some studies show that the more we try to diet the harder it is to keep the weight off. We cannot catch a break. Sheesh. So, why? Why does your body not want you to have the six pack of your dreams? Well, evolutionarily, having extra fat keeps us from starving to death in lean times. And having some fat on our bodies allows us to maintain energy levels, even when sick.

So, some bodies are totally healthy, whether they appear underweight or overweight. There is a spectrum of sizes like a beautiful rainbow of bodies. The one thing you can do is embrace the fact that some factors are out of your control. Despite what society has told you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving what you’ve been given.. “}

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Mar 25

Weight Loss Journey Week 2 Results: 2.2 lbs Loss

{“en”:”Good morning I am out here, in the park today about to get my workout on for the day. I am, sorry that I’m moving so much. I am, about to do, four minute walk, two minute run. Which is week four of my workout plan, my training plan. Typical plan consist of you doing four minute walk, two minute run. Repetition five times so it totals to about 30 minutes I’m gonna do an entire hour, ’cause I want to get in close to four miles Umm, I really had to talk my ass into getting up this morning. I very seriously was laid up like a half hour like, I don’t feel like doing it, I’m really not in the mood. Um, Happy Mother’s Day, before I forget. Um, for Mother’s Day I am treating myself to the Ed Sheeran concert. Love his music. I think my daughter got me a gift. I’m going to find out today. It’s like the first time in years she’s has bought me a Mother’s day gift.

That’s cool! I’ll find out later. I don’t think that I’ve lost any weight this week. All the snacking I was doing. Again I was eating cakes, gummy bears, cheesecakes. Same type, it’s cake but I had pound cake and then cheesecake so, but I do think my waistline is slimming down. Gonna take some pictures later. This week I should be more dedicated to getting videos up and done, because again like I said I’m out of school.

One more final on Tuesday and that’ll be the end of it soon. Hopefully I can get some stuff done, I wanna give you day of my daily eating so you can see the type of meals I prepare and how I eat at least one day a week. And I want to try and get together those before pictures up and to the present so you can see where I started from. About to get this workout in.

Talk to you later. miles in one hour. Think I shaved off about 20 seconds from last run. As far as minutes per mile. Oooh, my recovery time. I’m getting my breath though. It needs to get better. It takes me longer than a minute to recover. That shows, um, how much, how hard your heart has to work. Something like that. But yeah, recovery time has to do with your heart returning back to his normal pace and your breathing returning back to it’s normal pace. And right now its taking me too long, in my opinion, over a minute too recover it’s getting better though. I was at two minutes last week. Alright, so I’m done with this workout. About to do the weigh-in., I lost weight! Yay me! Yay me! Yay me! Turn the fuck up. pounds down since I started this video journel on April 28th, I was 191.4. Today, on Mother’s Day, happy mother’s day to me I am want 189.2. I’ve only did three actual workouts since I started the plan on April 28th or started this journal April 28th. But I have been maintaining nutritional goals with the exception of the past few days were I was pigging out on cake and fried food and gummy bears and stuff like that.

I thought I had really over done it but I guess I didn’t. Or at least these prior day’s have kinda balanced out the whack ass days that I had. I’m about to hop in the shower. I stink to myself. That workout, run was, hmmm. I thought I would’ve got a lot further being that I was running longer. I only did miles compared to the day I did 3.75, when I was walking more. I did like 5 extra minutes of running and I didn’t get that much further. But I was sluggish when I started and I didn’t want to work out so, that’s better than nothing. So, this week I’m saying it should be better for me. I have my aun’t funeral on Tuesday, I have a final exams on Tuesday. And then I’m done with funerals and I’m done with school. I graduate next Sunday on my next weigh-in day. Well, yeah I’m finna go hop in the shower because I feel good now. I’m glad I did get to that workout. I said I’m going to the Ed Sheeran concert tonight, so I gotta do something to my do.

And get breakfast in me. I did my glucose readings. I missed it last week. I did my glucose readings,they were at 111 and that’s actually high, for someone who hasn’t eaten yet. Average range for a healthy person it’s like 95, when you haven’t eaten breakfast. I check again two hours after I eat. And I should stay under 140. Usually I am. It’s probably going still be like right around 111. Which is why the doctor said I ‘m like a pre-bia pre-diabetic range. I can’t even speak. I’m trying to get that glucose down to 95. Which means I will be getting back into good health. If I drop 10% of this body weight, which is like 18 pounds. Then that should knock me out of the prediabetic stage I’m 2 pounds into that. This week I expect it to be, fucking awesome, because I can go workout, like I want to.

I can go to the community garden. I keep saying I want to get video of the community garden but every time I go, I’m working and I can’t hold the camera and you know pull weeds and plant stuff. So I’m just gonna go on a random day just to to get some footage for you. So you can see what the garden looks like. Um, I said it’s a community garden. And I have an orange thumb. I don’t have a green thumb. So its shocking to me that anything is growing. I’m like yay! So, yeah. Happy Mother’s Day again. So I will see you all soon. Peace out.. “}

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Mar 12

The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

{“en”:”We have this idea that if we want to lose weight, we join a gym on January 1st, we start working out regularly, and eventually weu2019ll slim down. Well, hereu2019s some bad news. I read more than sixty studies on this, and it turns out exercise is actually pretty useless when it comes to weight loss. Dr. Kevin Hall at the National Institutes of Health has done some of the most important studies on exercise and weight loss We need to rebrand exercise u2026 exercise isnu2019t a weight loss tool per se, it’s excellent for health is probably the best single thing that you can do other than stopping smoking to improve your health. But donu2019t look at it as a weight loss tool. Exercise will definitely help you live a longer, happier lifeu2026.

Itu2019s just not the best way to lose weight. And the reason has to do with how our bodies use energy. You may not realize it, but physical activity is actually a tiny component of your daily energy burn. There are three main ways our bodies burn calories. These include your resting metabolism, so that’s how much energy your body burns just for its basic functioning, just to keep you alive, basically. The other part of energy expenditure is the thermic effect of food, and thatu2019s just how much energy is required to break food down in your body.

The third part of energy expenditure is physical activity. For most people, physical activity – thatu2019s any movement you do, only accounts for about 10 to 30 percent of energy use. So the vast majority of energy or calories you burn every day comes from your basal or resting metabolism, over which you have very little control. While 100% of your u201ccalories inu201d are up to you, only up to about 30% of your u201ccalories outu201d are in your control. One study found that if a 200-pound man ran for an hour, 4 days a week for a month, heu2019d lose about 5 pounds at most, assuming everything else stays the same. And everything else doesnu2019t stay the same! Researchers have found we make all kinds of behavioral and physiological adaptations when we start increasing the amount of exercise weu2019re getting every day. For one thing, exercise tends to make people hungry. And I’m sure you know the feeling: you go for a spinning class in the morning, and then by the time you eat breakfast you’re so hungry you maybe double the size of the portion of oatmeal you normally eat. There’s also evidence to suggest that some people simply slow down after a work out, so if you went running in the morning you might be less inclined to take the stairs at work.

These are called u201ccompensatory behaviorsu201d — the various ways we unknowingly undermine our workouts. Researchers have also discovered a phenomenon called metabolic compensation. As people start to slim down, their resting metabolism can slow down. So the amount of energy you burn while at rest is lower. That means this bar might shrink as you start to lose weight. Thereu2019s still a lot of research to be done, but one study from 2012 is particularly interesting. They went out into the middle of the Savannah in Tanzania to measure the energy burn among a group of hunter gathers called the Hadza. These are super-active, lean hunter-gatherers. Theyu2019re not spending their days behind a computer at a desk.

And what they found was shocking. What we found is that there was no difference at all. So even though the Hadza have a much more physically active lifestyle, they weren’t burning any more calories every day than adults in the US and Europe. Somehow the energy they used for physical activity was being offset or conserved elsewhere. So how do they stay slim? They donu2019t overeat. We can undo the calories that we burn off in exercise pretty quickly. It would take about an hour of running to burn off a Big Mac and fries. Youu2019d have to spend about an hour dancing pretty vigorously to burn off three glasses of wine you might drink with dinner. An hour of cycling really intensely on exercise bikes to burn off about two doughnuts.

Thatu2019s why exercise is best seen as a healthy supplement for a strategy thatu2019s focused on food. But despite extremely high obesity rates in the US, government agencies continue to present exercise as a solution … as do companies with a real interest in making sure we keep eating and drinking their products. Since the 1920s, companies like Coca-Cola have been aligning themselves with the exercise message. The idea here is that you can drink all these extra bottles of soda as long as you work out. But as we’re seeing, it doesn’t work like that. Actually burning off those extra calories from a can of soda is really, really hard. We have an obesity problem in this country, and we shouldn’t treat low physical activity and eating too many calories as equally responsible for it.

Public health policymakers should really prioritize improving our food environment to help people make healthier choices about what they eat. It’s not impossible to lose weight through exercise, it’s just a lot harder. And we need to recognize how that works. If you do go to the gym, and you burn all these calories, it takes you a long time to do so and you put in a great amount of effort, you can erase all of that in five minutes of eating a slice of pizza. Relative magnitude is actually quite surprising, and most people don’t fully appreciate that.. “}

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Feb 24

Scientific Weight Loss Tips

We all want to lose fat and stay healthy. But with all these diet pills and plans, what does science have to say about weight loss tips? Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. -Exercise- Not only does the physical active exercise burn calories immediately scientist recently found that it continues to burn fat while you sleep. During exercise your body uses up most of its available carbohydrates for energy and replaces them over the next 24 hours.

In the mean time, it begins to break down your fat storage for basic functions such as walking, talking and even sleeping. Don’t skip meals. Especially breakfast. We’ve explained in our last video the science behind appetite. When you starve yourself, your body and brain create intense urges to eat high-calorie foods as opposed to healthy options. Breakfast specifically helps to keep blood sugar and hormone levels regular and gives your metabolism a boost to burn more calories through the day.

Adding more protein and low fat dairy to your diet helps as well. Protein induces a large release of the chemical PYY, which goes to the brain and suppresses hunger signals. Simply adding 10% more protein to your food can keep you full much longer. Low fat dairy on the other hand contains calcium which binds to other fats you’ve eaten and creates a soup like substance which can’t be absorbed. Instead, your body excretes this soup and with it more of the fat you’ve consumed. Speaking of soup, it’s perhaps one of the best kept diet secrets. When you drink a glass of water with your meal, the fluid is easily absorbed before your food is digestid which quickly brings down the stomach size making you feel hungry. Take that same meal and puree it in a blender and the fluids have a much harder time being absorbed quickly this means your stomach stays expanded, making you feel full for longer. Count your calories. Studies show that people who actively document their food intake by using a journal have drastic improvements over those who don’t. Furthermore, knowing a coffee has 10 calories but a cappuccino has 100, gives you the opportunity to structure your diet to eat more while taking less calories.

And while it may seem trivial, reducing your plate size can drastically change your food intake. Studies show that a simple change from 12 to 10 inches can reduce the amount of food you eat by up to 22%. Our bodies have a hard time turning down food in front of us even when we’re full. So the less food on your plate the better. Finally, sleep and stress play a large factor in how much we eat. Both sleep deprivation and stress levels increase appetite, making it harder to keep off the pounds.

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