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Jun 29

Weight Loss Salad Recipe For Dinner – How To Lose Weight Fast With Salad – Indian Veg Meal/Diet Plan

Hey guys i am nisa homey and welcome back to my channel Today I’m sharing a summer weight loss Salad recipe which is perfect for dinner Or as a protein-packed healthy vegan meal For lunch It’s nutritious filling and easy to make And full of fibre and has a secret Ingredient which not only helps you in losing weight but also boosts your immunity, nourish your body, and helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals this filling and colorful protein packed vegetarian salad is a complete meal and a perfect weight loss meal for those with thyroid issues PCOS issues and diabetes before getting started with the recipe please excuse for the bad video quality on this part of the video as due to some unknown reason the autofocus had some trouble focusing now into a bowl add in boiled channa which is also known as chickpea add in finely chopped fresh ginger and coriander leaves squeeze in half a lemon and add in pink Himalayan salt and mix well and now keep aside into a large bowl, I have already added chopped tomato, chopped onion carrot and cucumber now, add in the prepared channa mix 2-3 sprigs of fresh moringa leaves and to know why I am using moringa leaves please do check my video on moringa leaves the links will be down below in the description box now, add in a sprig of fresh curry leaves sprinkle in roasted sesame seeds i highly recommend adding the sesame seeds so please omit it add in some pomegranate seeds it will give a nice sweet crunch to the salad along with its amazing health benefits sprinkle in amchur which is actually dried mango powder gives an amazing taste the salad but if you don’t like you can tottally omit it sprinkle in a fat pinch of pepper powder and lastly the amazing secret ingredient that takes the salad to the next level cold pressed virgin coconut oil the healthy fats in coconut oil helps in weight loss reduce your food cravings provides your body with energy defend against thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances and the lauric acid in coconut oil helps to boost your immunity if you wish to know more about the health benefits of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil please do check my video on the same the links will be down below and ladies and gentlemen my super weight loss and healthy salad with natural fats and healthy greens is ready to serve and don’t forget to mix well before serving this is a perfect filling weight loss meal for dinner but you can also have this for lunch and even carry this to work do check description box below for ingredients list and more information if you’d like to see more such videos please give a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel hit the subscribe button so that you can get updated with my new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye

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Jun 29

Turmeric Tea DIY Mix For Weight Loss-Get Flat Belly In 5 Days Without Diet/Exercise-Belly Fat Burner

Hey guys I’m nisa homey and welcome back to my channel today i am sharing homemade turmeric tea mix to get flat belly in just five days if you had tried my turmeric tea recipe then you know it is really possible to lose belly fat in five days and also to lose three – four inches of your waist. After i shared turmeric tea recipe i got so many positive feedbacks through comments emails and personal messages and i thank you for letting me know that YOU benefited from including turmeric tea in your daily diet.These days I get asked for an easier version of this turmeric tea, well most of us are busy in the mornings and may not get time to make this tea every single morning.

So today i am sharing a DIY turmeric tea mix which you can store for long all you have to do in the morning is take the required amount of the mix and pour hot water over it and mix and then allow it to steep for about five to ten minutes. Yes it’s that simple and no you won’t find this recipe anywhere on the internet. I developed this recipe mix with my observations trials and techniques and sharing it for the first time. Please check the description box for the ingredient list and for more information. To those who are new here please check my turmeric tea recipe so that you will also get to know the benefits of turmeric and how this tea will not only help you to lose weight but also will give you an overall health so without much adieu let’s get started.

Please note that i live in kerala the land of spices and all the ingredients i am using are locally acquired try to get good quality turmeric powder the cinnamon I am using is also locally acquired these are the outer bark which has the most nutrients and essential oils i will definitely share another video with regard to the types of cinnamon and its benefits. These cinnamons may not look pretty but these are the ones you should be using. Using good quality cinnamon is very important in this tea as cinnamon targets belly fat helps to keep you fuller and also curbs your sweet tooth. Now to make this mix first I am going to powder the cinnamon in a small chutney grinder and once it is powdered keep it aside now into a clean glass jar add in turmeric powder then add in the freshly ground cinnamon powder dry, ginger powder, and black pepper powder and once all the ingredients are in the jar, this is how it looks all the four ingredients nicely layered.

Now simply cover it tightly with the lid and shake the jar so that everything is mixed nicely and my easy homemade DIY turmeric tea mix is ready you can also stir it with a spoon if you prefer. Now let me show you how to make turmeric tea with this ready-made mix. Now into a glass add in one third to half teaspoon of ready-made DIY turmeric tea mix and pour hot boiling water over it give it a stir and allow it to steep for about five to seven minutes now remember to keep the ready-made mix sealed tightly and this will keep good for months you can carry this when you are traveling you can keep some mix in your office especially for night shift workers many of you asked me what to drink during night shift and this tea is excellent for people who are doing night shift for best results have this day on an empty stomach in the morning and have breakfast only after 30 to 40 minutes of having this tea do try this recipe and let me know how this turned out thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye.

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May 25

Overnight Oats – Lose 2 kgs In 1 week – How To Make Oats Recipes For Weight Loss – Skinny Recipes

{“en”:”Hey guys welcome back to my channel I’m Nisa homey and I make healthy weight loss recipes. Today I’m sharing a really easy overnight oats with pomegranate seeds. Overnight oats are ideal for a healthy breakfast especially on those busy mornings and the best thing about overnight oats are they can be made ahead and does not require any cooking. Overnight are just oats soaked overnight which makes them absorb the liquid in which you soak the oats so if your mornings are hectic overnight oats are a nutritious and tasty meals that can be ready the moment you wake up overnight also usually made in a mason jar which has a tight lid as that makes it easier to carry to work.

Now into a bowl or a mason jar add in 1/2 cup instant oats instant oats are precooked and hence they make an ideal choice for overnight oats, add in 1/2 cup curd, 3/4 cup milk and now give this a mix. For sweetness I’m adding in 3 to 4 dates you can add coconut sugar if you have or maple syrup if you don’t have dates but try to avoid refined sugar then add in 1 tbsp chia seeds about a 1/4 TSP crushed cardamom seeds and give this a good mix the chia seeds will swell up and thicken. Chia seeds are a good source of protein, healthy fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Chia seeds are high in plant based omega-3, they help to regulate cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Please note that chia seeds and basil seeds are not the same and if you would like to know more about chia seeds and basil seeds please check my video on the same the link will be updated in the description box below and lastly for an extra crunch top it with pomegranate seeds pomegranate seeds are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium, I used seeds of half of a medium-sized pomegranate. Now covered with a lid and keep it in the fridge overnight or about 6 to 8 hours and the next day morning your overnight oats will be ready to serve as you can see oats and chia seeds has soaked the liquid but it has come out slightly thicker I personally like it to be slightly thinner I’m adding in about 3 to 4 tbsp of milk to make it thinner you can add this milk to get the consistency you like your overnight oats to be. The pomegranate seeds not only make this filling breakfast colorful but also gives a nice sweet crunch and now my easy no cook overnight oats is ready to serve do try this recipe and let me know how this turns out if you are new to my channel please hit the subscribe button so that you can stay updated when I post new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye”}

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Apr 23

Thyroid Diet – How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs In 10 Days – Indian Veg Meal/Diet Plan For Weight Loss

{“en”:”Hey guys! I am nisahomey and welcome back to my channel today i am sharing a vegetarian and dairy-free full day meal plan which is also a thyroid friendly diet plan that will help you to lose 5 to 10 kgs in just 10 days. This diet plan is healthy inexpensive and easy to follow. Note that this is a completely refined sugar free diet plan and I’m using only healthy fats in this plan, that means no refined oil, no processed or refined food. This easy-to-follow meal plan is customized so that it can also be followed by working men and women. Good results can be achieved if you don’t cheat for 10 days and after 10 days slowly change your lifestyle to a refined sugar, processed food, and refined oil free diet, and you can try my other meal plans and recipes to help you in the transition to a healthier lifestyle.

light to moderate exercise like walking or yoga for 30 to 40 minutes is recommended in this plan. So let’s get started! Start your day with warm cinnamon tea and then go for a walk or do light yoga. For breakfast, I am sharing a power-packed highly nutritious turmeric smoothie with healthy fats. This mango coconut smoothie will help to burn fat and also will keep you fuller till your next meal. It is rich in antioxidants, omega-3, and lauric acid Turmeric has anti-diabetic effects and reduces cholesterol along with helping to lose belly fat. This nutritious and the perfect turmeric smoothie can be carried to work and it does not require any cooking at all. This healing smoothie will also help in your overall health. Coconut milk and virgin coconut oil helps to nourish your thyroid and also to balance hormones. So, if you have health issues like thyroid and PCOS then this healing smoothie should definitely be in your daily diet. I have already shared a turmeric smoothie recipe so please do check the video the links will be updated in the description box below. please note that since mangos are in season I used mangos, you can use any seasonal fruits like banana, Kiwi, pineapple, or papaya.

The cinnamon in this smoothie is another miracle spice that targets belly fat and suppresses your appetite. Now moving on to lunch and serving three different types of fresh seasonal fruits. Fruits are a healthy choice in a balanced diet fresh fruits are an excellent lunch food The fructose found in fruits supply a quick energy boost and a fiber creates a feeling of fullness but make sure that you don’t use the fruit you had in the breakfast smoothie Remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water you can also try my basil seed and fruit infused water. For an evening snack have a small plate of watermelon and in between if you feel hungry you can always snack of vegetables like cucumber, carrot, and beetroot.

Remember, this is a refined sugar free diet plan but if you have that sugary craving you can have two to three dates. Now moving on to dinner it is very important that dinner should be had by at least p.m. For dinner I am serving a chickpea or channa salad with vegetables, greens, and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil as a healthy fat coconut oil is one of the healthiest plant based oil. The medium chain fatty acid in cold-pressed coconut oil accelerates metabolism. It is rich and lauric acid, it protects your heart and even though coconut oil is a fat it actually helps in weight loss. The healthy medium chain fatty acids do not circulate in the bloodstream like other fats they are sent directly to the liver and are converted into energy. Thus the body does not store the fat in coconut oil as fat and instead it is used to produce energy. The lauric acid in coconut oil which is also found in breast milk is a nutrient that supports the body’s immune system and also nourishes your thyroid gland to know more about coconut oil please check my videos on the same, links will be updated in the description box below.

Now to make my healthy weight loss channa salad I am using fresh garlic note that i am using the desi variety of garlic and not the imported one, i’m using two cloves of organic desi garlic, about one-fourth inch of fresh ginger, half of a cucumber, one medium sized carrot, two sprigs of curry leaves, two to three sprigs of moringa leaves, instead of moringa leaves you can use coriander leaves or even palak leaves, one medium-sized tomato, one medium sized onion, and 2 green chilies which you can increase or decrease according to your taste. First grate the carrot and transfer it to a bowl and then chop the tomatoes and top it over the carrot. Chopper cucumber and transfer it to the bowl. Chop the onion really finely and add the chopped green chilies and the onion into the bowl. Add in the chopped curry leaves. Add in the moringa leaves, add in three fourth to one cup of cooked and boiled chana. Now let’s make the salad dressing. Finely chop the ginger and garlic clove and transfer it to a small bowl. Squeeze in half a lemon, half teaspoon pink Himalayan salt, 1 tablespoon cold-pressed coconut oil and mix well then add in one fourth teaspoon black pepper powder, one fourth teaspoon dry mango powder or amchur.

Now pour the dressing over the salad and mix it very well add in 1 tsp roasted sesame seeds and again mix it lightly and my super weight loss channa salad is ready to serve! this diet plan will give you a glowing skin and also will help your hair grow thicker and longer Do try this easy meal plan and share your results with me if you like to see more such videos please hit the subscribe button so that you can stay updated when I post new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye.. “}

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Apr 01

Curd Rice For Weight Loss – Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast – Indian Meal Plan With Curd/Yogurt -5 Kgs

{“en”:”Hey guys I’m nisa homey and welcome back to my channel right now kerala is reeling under the summer heat so, to beat the heat I am sharing curd rice curd rice is a blessing during summers I mean they literally cool your body and also will make you feel fuller this curd rice with its added spices, does not need any side dish to go with it and that means no achar or pappad does curd rice helps in weight loss?? yes, it will definitely help in weight loss if you follow my tips and suggestions I have been getting a lot of comments regarding rice, whether you can eat rice and lose weight! and yes, you can lose weight with good carbs this is normal white rice which is completely polished and does not have any fiber left on it meaning it is completely refined and this is the the rice which i’m using in this recipe which is single polished white rice, that means it has some extra fiber.

those brown specks you see on the rice are some bran left after polishing so, the rice I use in most of my recipes are single polished white are single polished white rice or basmati rice both rice has many health benefits and helps in weight loss now, if you cant find single polished white rice, opt for brown, red, or black rice right is completely gluten-free light on the stomach and easy to digest but, portion control is a must when consuming rice according to Ayurveda, rice is a symbol of health, wealth, and fertility rice is also the first grain that you got introduced too as a child rice is suitable for people of all kinds of constitutions: like vata, pitta, or kapha the glycemic index of a food basically tells you how quickly and how high your blood sugar will rise after eating carbs glycemic index foods are healthier for your body and you will feel fuller for a longer time the addition of ghee, coconut oil, dal, sabzi, or curd reduces the glycemic index of rice, and therefore rice is totally safe for diabetes and a perfect gluten free meal if you cant find, single polished rice try to find a variety of rice grown in the place you live in India has more than a thousand varieties of rice and you just have to find an unrefined rice locally available in your place so to make my version of curd rice for weight loss first I am cooking some single polished white rice in a claypot and I also make sure that the rice is slightly over cooked as over cooked rice are best for curd rice keep the cooked rice on a strainer and allow it to cool down completely now, while the rice is cooling down lets get the other ingredients ready for the curd rice into my cast iron pan i have added some raw peanuts and i am lightly roasting it on low-med flame and once the peanuts are roasted sprinkle salt and remove it from the pan and keep it aside now, heat the same cast iron pan with 1 tsp of sesame seed oil or gingelly oil which is also known as “nallenna” in Malayalam and once the oil is heated add in mustard seeds, fenugreek or methi seeds, urad dal, channa dal and allow it to roast lightly add in whole red chilies sliced shallots sliced ginger, green chilies and a sprig of curry leaves give it a mix and then add in hing or kayam and mix well and switch off the flame now, into a bowl add in the over cooked and cooled rice top it with freshly grated carrot and pink Himalayan salt and with a spoon mix it very well now, top it with homemade curd and again mix well homemade curd aids in digestion, cools the body it contains probiotics antioxidants and good fats.

curd rice keeps you fuller for a longer time and may help in weight loss and weight management okay, once the curd is nicely mixed, add in the roasted peanuts and mix well then add in the roasted seasonings and again mix well sprinkle in pomegranate seeds chopped coriander leaves the pomegranate seeds will give a sweet crunch and my easy and filling curd rice is ready to serve this filling curd rice bowl is a perfect lunch on a hot summer day to beat the heat do try this recipe and let me know how this turned out and if you like to see more such videos please give a thumbs up and if you are new to my channel hit the subscribe button, so that you get updated when i post new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye, bye!”}

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Mar 31

How I lost 20 pounds in a Month | Vlog#1 weight loss

{“en”:”I didn’t stop eating fast food I think want some crazy Binge diet ok no more fast food no more meatball subs no! but that’s no! that wasn’t going to have a guys what’s going on welcome to my channel my name is mike and this is my very first video on my new channel so congratulations that you made it here I’m very proud of you you are welcome i am listen guys I just want to keep it real i just don’t want to have to do like serious videos i just want to tell it how it is and i want you guys to come along for the journey and just experience what I experienced and change as I change what am I all about I’m all about losing weight i’m all about going to the gym of all about fitness I’m not going to gym right now and that’s one of my battles i know it’s one of your bowels too however one thing that I did achieve was I drop my weight from 192 15 foot night 192 pounds down to a hundred and seventy-two pounds and I did it in about two months it’s been about four or five months of you know this has been going on but I did it all initially probably less than two months now isn’t healthy no you know our doctors going to agree with you know know but let’s get into how did I do it simple first and foremost get away from the words of sugar now before you click off you gotta understand something you’ve got to get away from the sugar you just can’t eat sugars you can’t drink soda and lose weight you just have to stop what I’m going to help you achieve that simple goal why because as a clichu00e9 I did it I did it I was completely addicted to drinking 20 outs coca-cola’s or a can or nip or whatever they sold in any given time of the day I would drink about four to five a day and here’s the thing i had to drink them I needed them they were part of my life they’re part of my DNA they were just who I the fuck i was and i have to go and get a four-game a 20-ounce coke in a meatball sub every single morning and I say morning because my mornings were about two o’clock in the afternoon because I was up all night long just gaming like with food mcdonalds runs 24 hour mcdonalds i’m going to get my sausage egg and cheese mcmuffin is I’m going to get my sausage burritos with another coke so a2 o’clock in the morning i’m drinking a medium coke with a sausage egg and cheese mcmuffin and then they’ll do the 24 333 and then you know I’ll be buying two of those so yet and two o’clock in the morning I mean two of those you’re talking about twelve thirteen hundred calories my body only needs about 1,700 calories to sustain itself to maintain its current weight always easily eating 225 3000k our ease a day why wasn’t I massive well because i still own and operate in work as a heating and air conditioning technician so with that said i would feel somewhat active ok I wasn’t physically active in the way where I’m actually like building muscle and things like that I’m just ripping furnaces and boilers out of people’s houses and whatever whatever ok so in some regards that would kind of level me off and kind of allow me I mean invite if i put in a furnace I’d burn all day’s worth of calories easy easily 2,000 calories so if i went over my calories 500 you know and then a few days they do this and this and that I’m always running around doing something so now when the time comes and I’m actually losing this weight i’m not actually working as much as a normal year this is going back two months okay so what did i do I stop drinking soda step 1 stop drinking soda sugar will bloat you just like sodium a lot of people know that with sugar and sodium and they kind of act the same way you will get bloated off the sugar now here’s the concept that I realized and this is what helped me a little bit there’s a lot of things that helped me so it was kinda like a stepping like a ladder kind of thing so first thing that helped me was I realized that I was saturated my whole body from head to toe with saturated with sodium and she girl and I was compounding like I wake up in the morning afternoon two o’clock whatever and I would immediately refill what hasn’t even been flushed out yet another I don’t know 5,000 milligrams of sodium for that day but i wake up at two o’clock in the afternoon and literally put my jacket grab my keys get my van and drive and pick up a 20-ounce coke and a meatball sub and that officially was breakfast at two o’clock in the afternoon now somewhere else later on the day i’m going to end up leaving the house i’m definitely passing by a Burger King McDonald’s or wendy either one will do it didn’t really matter when these at the end of the little highway thing here she’s very deluxe no one you know pickle with a medium coke no ice with the prize for the meal and that was a wendy’s ordeal mcdonalds would have been sausage egg and cheese mcmuffin and then they try to do that well there are 2 333 do you want two of them and I’m like fine and then because one of them is usually like over microwaved anyways and then it’s like fuck so thank God I got to because once good ones bad whatever still try to eat nibble on the other one because i was just so damn greedy and then another medium coke with that the amount of code that i consumed coca-cola in one day oh I don’t know if they were all 20 ounce bottles five or six but definitely i’m buying 2 to 3 20 ounce bottles from like a 7-eleven to death she’s things like that and then I’m consuming whatever the medium is with no I from McDonald’s Burger King or wendy was always coach never sprayed or anything like that just coke man i realized that i was oversaturated with sodium an oversaturated with sugar so what’s the first thing i did was i just stopped drinking the sodium I didn’t stop eating fast food I didn’t want some crazy binge diet ok no more fast food no more meatball subs nobody is no that wasn’t going to happen that would never fly like flown took off that would never work ever but what i did i just stopped drinking the soda and within a week I literally dropped about four pounds so when I step on scale and I look at the scale and I’m like wow i just love for about I’ve got a little bit excited not huge excited just a little bit excited you know goes when you lift up your shirt and look at the merits like not in there right so I got rule that excited not to excite so that motivated me just enough again steps this is the latter we’re talking and then do it all at once i wouldnt just you know that I get quick my pizza and quit my meatball subs to quit my fat food in my soul at the same time not happen so now i’m motivated by dropping the the soda and all that sugar like I don’t know 65 x 3 x 5 I don’t know if i’ll just say 500 milligrams of sugar gold I don’t understand how i can show all that sugar in one day stop so now the blow from the sugar is gone ok so now motivated because I see the scale went from 192like 185 184 and we’re talking about seven to ten days maybe about seven days maybe even a little less ok and now i’m a little bit more focused right so now when I go to mcdonalds it’s like let me get one sausage burrito and an orange too ok and i did that for a week since we’re talking to week by the end of that week I was in the low 180 I haven’t seen low 180 in years and now it’s like 183 on the scale my morning scale and now I’m like holy shit i’m only three pounds away from like 17 something so now I’m height so now I’m all-in I just can’t wait to see 17 something on the scale that’s like mind-blowing to me like I’ve never seen that before clichu00e9 so 1is is fine right so now it’s like fucked orange juice i go and i would get such as Greedo with a water and then it became water but however it would also become green tea we’re going to get into that whole nother initially it was just stopping the sugar stopping the sodium and then that led me to like a 78 pounds dropping weight and that motivated motivated me so much that I just kind of had to get really serious about what I was eating what I wasn’t eating because i just want to see the weight fall off so if you like the white comes on like so we’re going to get pizza and be like no you can get a personal and i’m going to get the tuna pita up so it kind of went like that and then before you know it I jump on a scale one morning not only do I feel flat you know like I just I feel skinny I feel light but the scale read one or something like that also fuck i remember being like one silly point one like god I gotta pinch of shit of something because I got to get that two ounces out so I can see 177 long story short we’re currently at 170 on average according to my little after my bluetooth scale and the rest of the way was green tea protein shakes fucking bagels now here’s the problem now we gotta get to the gym so you heard the phrase skinny fast well from now on there’s no such thing as skinny fat cats land flat and i am from problem i’m slim slim sloppy know what I mean it’s gym time baby thanks for watching stay tuned because we got so much more to talk about and I’m so happy that you came by I’m so happy that you decided to watch this video and if you like this video if you liked this topic you know leave a comment say something or drop a like on the video so this way I know whether or not keep going down this path this is a brand new channel and this is something the topics that means something to me these are topics that I know that I can help other people with if you liked the video leave a like it just lets me know that people liked the video so thank you guys for watching I really appreciate you step by this is my first video on this brand new channel and my name is mike and this is going to be light Lightfoot like they should name the channel don’t know”}

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Mar 26

Moringa Weight Loss Tea – Thyroid/PCOS Tea – Lose 5 kgs & Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat With Moringa

{“en”:”Hey guys i am nisa homey and welcome back to my channel and today i’m sharing a highly requested moringa weight loss tea which will not only help you to get a flat stomach but also helps to naturally balance your hormones this moringa tea is a must in your diet if you have health issues like thyroid pcos or diabetes. moringa is an excellent source of protein vitamin A pottassium calcium and vitamin C moringa is one of my favorite ingredient and I always try to include it in my recipes i have already shared moringa juice recipe and i have mentioned all the benefits of moringa in that video please do check my video on moringa for more information links will be down below in the description box moringa detoxify the body of harmful substance and boost liver function moringa helps to balance sugar levels helps to fight diabetes protect and nourish the skin balances hormones and helps stabilize mood and protect brain health this moringa tea prevents excess sugar from converting into fat reduce bloating aids in digestion suppresses appetite and gives you a sudden energy boost and thus it helps to keep your hunger pangs away this moringa tea targets belly fat by allowing you to feel fuller and lowers blood sugar by slowing down the release of sugar into your bloodstream.

To make this tea i am using fresh moringa leaves you can also use shade dried moringa leaves or even moringa powder now, into a pan i have added water then added cinnamon stick which I had broken into small pieces, cinnamon boosts metabolism lowers blood sugar levels and also has anti-inflammatory properties and now add in about the one-fourth inch of fresh ginger simply grate it and then add it into the water ginger has many healing properties it is anti-inflammatory and can help balance your hormones because of its thermogenic effect ginger helps activate the metabolism which can help in fat loss now once the water starts to boil simmer for about two to three minutes and then switch off the flame allow it to cool down a little that is the heat of the water should come down around 70 degrees Celsius it should take about two minutes once the water has cool down to 70 degree celsius and in green tea leaves here i’m using organic darjeeling green tea leaves the EGCG in green tea boost metabolism and increase fat burning green tea also helps to balance blood sugar levels and then immediately add in three sprigs of fresh moringa leaves along with its stem then give it a stir if you’re using moringa powder use about 3/4 to 1 teaspoon and if you’re using dried moringa leaves use about one-and-a-half teaspoons now allow this to steep for about five minutes and then pour the moringa tea into a cup through a strainer have this tea warm two-three times a day preferably after meals since i have fresh moringa leaves all through the year round I don’t need to dry the leaves and store but just to show you how it looks I had shade dried some moringa leaves and this is how it looks like.

now this moringa tea will stimulate your metabolism helps to burn body fat and also helps to balance your hormones do try to include moringa tea in your daily diet and enjoy its benefits if you like this recipe, pls give a thumbs up if you are new to my channel hit the subscribe button so that you can stay updated with my new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye. “}

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Mar 26

Ragi Cheela For Weight Loss – How To Make Instant Ragi Dosa – Lose Weight Fast 2-3 kgs In A Week

{“en”:”Hey guys! I am Nisa Homey and welcome back to my channel today I’m sharing a quick and easy and spicy ragi cheela recipe for weight loss this instant ragi dosa or cheela is healthy and filling and will keep you fuller till your next meal this ragi cheela with its added spices does not need any side dish or achar to go with it as it is spicy and flavourful on its own ragi or finger millet is completely gluten free and a great option to include in your thyroid, pcos, or diabetic diet it is high in dietary fibre and has a low glycemic index and hence a perfect and healthy meal to start your day the addition of ghee or coconut oil will further reduce the glycemic index of this ragi cheela making it an ideal healthy weight loss meal ragi is a natural source of vitamin D and ghee helps the absorption of vitamin D faster into the body you can check my benefits of ghee video to know more about it links will be down below in the description box pls do check it out to make this instant ragi cheela I’m using a small handful of shallots or “cheriya ulli” shallots are rich in vitamin C vitamin b6 manganese potassium and folate it is also rich in antioxidants so, try to include shallots in your daily diet the other ingredients are ginger, green chillies, curry leaves, and coriander leaves.

Now chop all the ingredients finely and keep it aside into a bowl, i have already added 1 cup of 1 cup of ragi flour add in pink himalayan salt turmeric powder, ajwain which is also known as carrom seeds black pepper powder, adding black pepper powder helps the turmeric to absorb faster into the body so dont omit black pepper powder and now give this a mix and then make a well in the center and then add in water little by little and mix until you get a thick pourable consistancy almost like idli batter consistency and now add in the finely chopped ingredients and mix well now, if you are making this for kids you should reduce green chilies and can also add some grated carrots or beetroot now you can make ahead this keep it in the fridge in an airtight container at night and it will be easier for you to make cheela the next morning now to make this cheela heat and iron tawa and add in a few drops of gingelly oil or sesame seeds oil which is also known as nallenna in malayalam and with a tissue paper, what I am going to do is just lightly grease the iron tawa so that the cheela does not stick to the tawa now pour some ragi batter and spread it out as thinly as possible and remember the flame is on the lowest allow it to cook for about 2-3 mins and since ragi does not have any gluten the top side will start to get dry, while the bottom is getting cooked I’m sure you may have noticed this if you have tried making ragi cheela before so the trick to prevent the top from getting dried out is to dip a clean kitchen napkin in water and then just wet the top with this a couple of times while the bottom is getting cooked so this is the trick to make perfect ragi cheela after about 2 minutes, carefully flip it to the other side allow it to cook for another 2-3 minutes and again flip it over and you can see there are some dry spots on top so I am again writing those parts with the damp cloth and flip it one more time for a minute and then transfer it to a plate spread some desi ghee on top of the hot ragi cheela and serve immediately this ragi cheela is a perfect breakfast or lunch option for weight loss so do try this healthy and spicy ragi cheela and let me know how this turned out if you like to see more such videos please give a thumbs up and if you’re new to my channel hit the subscribe button to stay updated with new videos, thank you for watching and until next time take care! bye bye!”}

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