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Mar 16

6 Step to Losing Abdominal Fat


Many people have had bad experiences when it comes to trimming belly fat. Most people assume that weight loss and a lean belly are merely dreams that can never be attained. Such a view has been made worst by the media. However, weight loss can be achieved if only the correct approach is utilized.

A slim and lean belly is well within you reach with the following 6 simple steps.

1. Get that heart pumping. Cardiovascular exercises are important for weight loss as it effectively increases the body’s metabolic rate. This forces the body to burn stored fat to obtain the required energy. Exercises like walking, jogging and running can burn up to 500kcal per workout. In addition to weight loss, you will also be strengthening your heart.

2. Drink cold water. Cold water is not only refreshing, it also helps to burn fat as the body increases the metabolic rate to warm the water ingested. 1 liter of cold water can burn up to 100kcal.

3. Work out those muscles. Weight building is excellent for toning and strengthening those muscles. In addition, as you build muscles, you will also be burning fat.

4. Junk food is junk. Stay away from junk food as it of no nutritional value. All it contains are excess calories. It also has a tendency to make you crave for more. The longer you stay away from it, the less cravings you’ll experience.

5. Have a food diary. A food diary ensures that you are able to monitor your caloric intake. This will prevent you from consuming food that is in excess of your requirements.

6. Don’t go solo. It is important to follow a weight loss program that has worked for others. This is much better than coming up with your own theories and techniques that may not work and may actually back fire.

You can get a slim belly if only you have the discipline to stick to the above advise. With patience and perseverance your efforts will definitely pay off.

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