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Mar 09

Acai Berry – The Product


The Acai berry is one of the popular fruits of the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. This fruit is lovingly epithet as the “Superfood” of Amazon due to its high nutritious content. Natives of Brazil and Amazon have included the Acai berry in their daily diet since ages. The natives of Amazon and Brazil also term it as the magical fruit that cures every disease.

Acai Berry- the product

Acai berry is transported to all parts of the world through numerous products. The real fruit cant be transported globally as it will get destroyed in the long run. Hence products such as powders of the Acai berry, which are made by directly grinding the fruit is packed into plastics and transported to all parts of the world. The powder can be mixed with milk or water and have it daily. There are also capsules of this products available in the market. These capsules can also be taken daily to meet the nutritional requirements of the body. The juice is yet another popular product available in the market. The juice is naturally sweet and hence needs no sugar. Either you can drink it all by itself or else can mix it with other juices. You can also mix soda or tapioca into it. Other than all these there Acai liqueur, Tini and the Acai ice cream are also highly ordered in the world market. Natives of Amazon and Brazil have also been using the berries as flavouring agents in the meat or drinks.

Online ordering of the Acai berry products

All the products of the berry can now be ordered online. You can buy the powder, capsule, ice cream, juice bottle and Tini etc from the online stores at heavily discounted price range. The products are made exclusively from the berries brought from the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. You can order the products monthly. The bulk orders will attract heavier discounts. The discounts are due to the stiff competition in the e-commerce market. For more information about the matter kindly search the net. Your orders will reach you within days of your ordering these products.

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