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May 12

[AMAZON BUY]: The Weight-Loss Diaries

The Weight-Loss Diaries

The Weight-Loss Diaries
List Price: $14.95

From Shape magazine’s popular “Weight-Loss Diary” columnist comes a hilarious, sometimes heartwrenching look at the daily struggle of dieting In this frank and funny book, Courtney Rubin shares what she learned about dieting–and herself–in more than two years of chronicling her battle to keep food from consuming her life. As engaging as her famous column, The Weight-Loss Diaries is part memoir, part how-to, and always entertaining. An honest and brave account of what it feels like, day in and day out, often year in and year out, to try to lose a significant amount of weight, The Weight-Loss Diaries is: An unashamed tale of binges, fashion fiascos, setbacks, and ultimate success A light-hearted, laugh-out-loud look at the most ri
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