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Mar 11

Discover The 3 Top Reasons Why Omega 3s Can Boost Your Energy, Help You Live Longer And Lose Fat


The Top Scientifically Verified Yet Little Known Reasons to Indulge in Omega 3-Heavy Foods a Little More Often

You’ve probably heard about the virtues of calcium, of vitamin C, even of simple sugars and carbohydrates. But do you know what omega 3 fatty acids can do for you, or why something called ‘fatty acid’ isn’t a bad thing?

Education on this subject is painfully low in visibility in the modern world, but that’s not the fault of science – science has long since proven the virtue in these acids. However, since it’s not a single simple kind of nutrient with a single simple effect, the complexity of omega 3 wards people off. Don’t be scared away by what you don’t understand! As you’ll see below, omega 3 foods have a lot to give to anyone, no matter how well-rounded your diet may be.

Did you know that eating the right omega 3 fatty acids will help prevent low birth weight in infants?

Omega 3 acids come in many types, and one of the types most people are often deficient in is found in seafood. If you’re expecting, indulging in seafood, especially salmon and sardines, as little as once a week will substantially improve the weight and overall health of your growing baby. Avoiding seafood entirely puts your baby’s health at risk for no real reason.

Did you know that some omega 3 fatty acids can counter the growth of some types of cancer?

This is most true of n-3 type acids, especially with regards to prostate and breast cancer. The overall effects of good n-3 fatty acid intake on a cancer patient can be generally described as improved quality of life as well as improved resistance to cancer growth. While they’re very far from miracle cures, omega 3 n-3 acids have a lot to give to a cancer victim with no drawbacks.

Did you know that your immune system is heightened through omega 3 fatty acids?

Keeping up a reasonable balanced intake of omega 3 foods will also boost your immunity to diseases in general. This is especially applicable for young infants, but even adults can benefit from it. The best part? You can get the right omega 3 fatty acids from many commonly available foods in a standard grocery store. And failing that, there’s always the good old reliable fish oil gel tablet!

The multitude of benefits omega 3 can give any human being should have you convinced by now that you need more of it, if you don’t get plenty already. But even if you’re not yet won over… just think, we’ve left out half a dozen OTHER things omega 3 can do for your body! Do the research. Find out what your body needs. It’s not as hard to get as you might assume.

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