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Mar 15

Effective and Easy Ways For Weight Loss


People often ignore the wealth available in our kitchen that can do wonders in maintaining the weight. There are many easy to make homemade remedies for weight loss. They are inexpensive and do not put burden on your wallet and above all they have almost no side effect as mostly are herbs and ordinary day to day eatables.

The treasure in kitchen

Try out these easy techniques and see the difference.

Lukewarm water, honey and lime juice are the most effective combination to reduce weight. Take plain warm water after every meal. It works wonders and results are very promising. Every morning take half glass of lukewarm water and put 1 lime juice in it and take it empty stomach. It is a sure shot way to burn out fat. Similarly the same procedure can be done by replacing honey instead of lime juice. These three methods are tried and tested by millions of users worldwide and they are benefiting from it.

Ginger is an excellent herb that helps in maintaining weight. The combination of green tea and ginger tea helps you to remain slim. To get most out of it crush the ginger and then put it in tea and boil it on full flame. Taking it in morning is the best time. Green tea is also known to help in weight management.

Take a bowl of raw tomatoes in breakfast or with any meal for about two months. You can take them in the form of salad or juice. It is advisable to never refrigerate your tomatoes. Buy fresh tomatoes in small quantities and consume them within 24 hours.

Cabbage is another vegetable that keeps your slim and fit. The most appropriate form of cabbage consumption for obese people is Cabbage Soup. It has fat burning properties. The shaolin monks in china who practice Kung-Fu take cabbage as their main diet, which keeps them fit and agile.

Making home made remedies for weight management is very easy and the ingredients needed to make them are easily available.

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