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Mar 04

Lose Weight By Swapping Out Spinach for Different Leafy Greens


We all love spinach and we all know how healthy spinach is for us. Look what happened to Popeye every time he ate spinach. Who wouldn’t want to eat something that gave you huge muscles and superhuman powers?! However, there are so many more green leafy vegetables out there that you can experiment with and that have great weight loss aiding powers. We can do away with the superhuman powers but eating right and adding variety into our diet will give us the power of staying fit and healthy. Try out these different leafy vegetables. Each offers a variety of health benefit and they all help weight loss efforts.

1. Bok Choy – Typically used in many Asian dishes bok choy is abundant in vitamin A, even more so than any other cabbage. It is also packed with vitamins C and D and contains more calcium that a simple glass of milk. Bok Choy is absolutely fat free, meaning guilt free in dieters’ eyes. The leafy vegetable is also low in sodium helping to prevent heart disease. Try adding some bok choy into soups and stir-fry.

2. Collard Greens – Usually thought of as soul food collard greens are another beneficial and different green. Vitamin K is the main nutrient found in collard greens with just one cup of the green veggie offering 880 percent of your necessary daily vitamin K intake. Vitamin K is important to your health in that it has blood-clotting factors necessary to heal injuries. Collard greens also help lower cholesterol, which helps you lose weight by binding bile acid in the digestive tract. The veggie is usually served steamed.

3. Watercress – The oldest know leafy vegetable watercress is believed to help fight lung and breast cancer. It also helps control blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Packed with vitamins A, B, C and E and is a great source of calcium and iron to keep your bones strong. Watercress helps aid weight loss in that it is low in calories and high in potassium. It is easy to add to salads, soups and sandwiches.

4. Swiss Chard – Like collard greens, Swiss chard is extremely abundant in vitamin K. It is high in fiber, which will make you feel full much sooner and much longer. Loaded with energy boosting vitamins and minerals, Swiss chard will get your metabolism revved up helping aid weight loss. Try swapping out your spinach for Swiss chard to mix things up a bit.

5. Kale – Got the sniffles? Nibble on the kale and you’ll be good to go thanks to its vitamin C. It is also said to help aid cancer prevention and vision loss. Kale is a great weight loss source due to its dietary fiber. Again, fiber will help you feeling full and satisfied longer helping you resist the urge to binge on sugary and fatty foods. Low in calories, one cup of kale contains only 34 calories and over a gram of fiber.

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