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Mar 05

Shocking Diet Pill Admissions by Women


Women want the safest diet pill, right? Wrong! Women want the most hardcore diet pill possible. This is the shocking finding from a recent survey I sent out to diet pill supplement store owners. The results were completely the opposite of what I expected. Let’s find out the reasoning behind a soccer mom’s choice to buy diet pills.

According to nutrition supplement store owners, “when buying a diet pill, women want the BEST product, and they will take the hardcore product. They will take ephedrine or even the stuff marketed to guys.”

I was shocked when I read this. I thought soccer mom’s wouldn’t be interested in hardcore diet pills. And then the supplement store owner followed up with this, “A younger girl will buy the less hard core pill that is marketed to women and the oxygen reader.”

Again, the exact opposite of what I expected. Here’s what I had guessed…

1) Soccer mom’s would be after diet pills that also offered extra ingredients with female-specific health benefits (there are quite a few of these on the market)

2) Younger women would prefer the more hardcore product.

But according to the store owners, I had my info completely backwards.

Furthermore, according to the store owner, “I think a good chunk of them would rather just take a pill and avoid the workout if they can. They know that they should be exercises but can’t find the time. Probably a bit dissapointed in themselves if they can’t find the time and motivation to exercise…looking for the answer in a bottle of pills. They know they gotta do some sort of working out, but it doesn’t mean deep down they aren’t HOPING for a miracle.”

This is shocking stuff. Nutrition and exercise can’t be covered by a pill, even supplement companies will tell you that! But still, the biggest surprise was how women were fine with hardcore products. My third guess, (and third incorrect guess!) was that women would not like caffeine in their supplements. I believed they wouldn’t mind getting coffee from Starbucks, but would not want a diet pill with caffeine.

But according to the supplement store owner, “No, they don’t care about caffeine. Whatever works. They will even buy ephedrine.”

However, there is a better way than diet pills to burn fat and lose weight. Simple nutrition, filling foods, and a fast exercise program made specifically for women is a better way to sculpt your body.

Diet pills will not give you better arms, a beautiful butt, or ripped abs. You need bodyweight exercises and short interval workouts to build a better body. Say goodbye to hardcore diet pills and try a healthier lifestyle instead – use fast workouts and quick cardio sessions to look younger and lose fat.

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