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Mar 23

Weight Loss Patches Become More Popular Than Pills


Slimming pills and supplements are extremely popular and most people tend to opt for them when trying to get back in shape. It is not easy to get rid of excess body fat with diet and exercise alone. A good weight loss supplement, can however, simplify things by giving a much needed boost to your metabolism and curbing appetite.

Though pills are quite popular, more and more people are now trying weight loss patches to get back in shape. What gives these patches an edge is that they are extremely easy to use.

A weight loss patch is a simple “stick it and forget it” method to lose weight. All that one needs to do is stick a patch to his skin and let it do the job.

A diet patch relies on “transdermal” delivery method to release ingredients into the bloodstream. This is a relatively new approach wherein the ingredients are released straight into the bloodstream through skin pores. This kind of a delivery system tends to bypass the digestive track. The most important advantage of this kind of a system is that is tends to reduce wastage of ingredients caused by digestive fluids and acids.

Thus, a small dose can be more effective in yielding the desired results.

Just like other dietary supplements, a good weight loss patch aims to:

The effectiveness of the patch, however, depends upon the ingredients used. One of the most powerful ingredients used in such patches is fucus vesiculosus or bladderwrack. It can help torch fat in the body by increasing iodine. Most people are not aware of this but it is iodine that is responsible for burning excess fat in the body.

Some of the other powerful ingredients include garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, lecithin etc. Garcinia cambogia has been making news for its effectiveness as a powerful weight loss supplement. It is backed with clinical trials which show that it can help burn fat and ensure weight loss even without changes in diet or exercise routine.

Unlike most of the diet pills, natural weight loss patches do not have negative side effects. Yet another benefit is that such a patch can help reduce LDL cholesterol in the body which can help improve cardiac health a great deal. Yet another noted benefit is that such a patch can help increase energy and stamina too.

It is not surprising that slimming patches are growing more in popularity with each passing day.

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